Drew Benton Miller
Near the end of the 1999-2000 school year, I found out that my friend Drew had liver cancer. There were benifit events and things to raise money for his treatment, but I never went to any of them. I never understood the seriousness of his disease until July, 2001. Drew died at the age of 21.

Even though Drew and I were never really close, I considered him a good friend. When he was a senior and I was a mere 7th grader, he played drums in the jr. high/high school band class. He was in a band with his younger brother and some friends. It was called Giardia, and I remember them playing for a Valentine's Day dance.

Music seemed like a big part of Drew's life. The last time I talked to Drew was at a concert on New Year's Eve. I had come to see some of my friends play, then I left to go to Denny's. I wish I had stayed to talk with him longer. He was bald from chemo, but he looked the same as he did in high school. I had no idea. He came to watch his brother participate in a talent show at the grade school. I don't remember how he was that day. I thought he was going to be okay.

Cancer is no joke. It destroys the patient, their family, their friends. Liver cancer is one of the most serious cancers because it is connected to the entire body. Please find more information about liver cancer at The Liver Cancer Network or all cancer at American Cancer Society. 1