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you're emo!

How can I label you?
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Past Links of the Week:

Through The Cracks Ministry I've never seen a page like this. I highly recommend it.

You're ice! You can be very cold and distant and you are NOT a people person.
You're pretty mean but you can be a select few.
What element are you? Thanks to Thomas, I'm really into Lenore now. This site is the official resource for all things Roman Dirge.

This quiz says absolutely nothing about your personality. Take it!

Fuali They have some cool online tests, and anything that admits that it is a complete waste of time has got to be AWESOME!
Sethics I dunno who this Seth guy is, but I'd like to follow him around with my little blue notebook.
Odd Holidays For those days when you feel like you have nothing to celebrate
The Geeks Just a page that had a lot of links that I liked. It happened to be the one before me in the Jones ring, so I thought I'd link it.
Akadia's Home Page The page of one of my "friends". I said I'd link her so she'd get more page views, so make her feel better. She's crazy, she'll probably eat me if she doesn't get page views. Help meeee....
Jones Soda A subculture of it's own, and the best dern drinks around.
The Fray A collection of awful journalism and meaningless stories. A worthy waste of time.
Eric and Dylan A fresh insight about the Columbine gunmen. I think it's very important.
Eat All The Old People Oh dear, this song is just..ooohhh..."show 'em that you love 'em/shove 'em in the oven"
What the heck *is* emo anyway? I didn't know, I'm still not sure that I do...
A Rudegirl's Revenge I have been looking for a rude girl page for a long time. It's got the origins of ska, rude girl fashion, and the rudie unity philosphy. Can't we all just skank along?
Mullets Galore Oh, come on! You knew it would show up eventually.
GodSka A fun site with pages for the best Christian ska bands. I like all those bands, so it's great for me, and for you too. You know you want to.
Jekyl TempleThis is Josh's page, cuz Josh is cool, I suppose. It's got lyrics to some Prod songs, cuz Prod is ossum. Josh, you better show up to the next GTC meeting or else I'm going to come beat you with a limp fish. I just came up with that, really.
Rohan's X-Files RealmThis site is the best X-Files fan site you can possibly find. It's the best!
Page de CarverThis is my best friend's website. He put my site on his so this is a link to his site. He's an odd character with an affinity for Martha Stewart, but other than that, he's a pretty cool diva dude. And his page is relatively cool, considering everything he knows about html he learned form my mother.
Maxwell ProdThis is the coolest, most kick tail band you've never heard of. From the town of White Salmon, Washington, it's MAXWELLLLLLL PROOOODDDDDD! I know all the guys in this band personally. Josh, it's none of your business. Andy, bass players are cooler than the rest of 'em. Kris, I saw you playing with the old people.
Mobster Name GeneratorThanx to Meisje for showing me this. Just type in your name, and the site generates your Mafia name. It's really awesome. My Mobsta name is Sullen Rocco. Sounds like a depressed thug.
The Jamie ZoneThis is the deranged site of one of my freshmen lackies. He's cool and his site is cool. In fact, it's what got me determined to build a web page in the first place.
The Hot Shot Tap DancersBased in Portland, Oregon, this family of young tap dancers is just amazing. I had the honor of seeing them twice. They are talented and funny, check out their site!
The Goatee Page Okay so I'm a girl and will never grow a goatee, but I stumbled across this little number while I was checking how to spell it. It's just a funny page really, especially the "312 reasons to grow a goatee".