The Old Paddywagon is drivin' up.
It's driving closer to me.
Well they told me I couldn't run down Main Street in the buff
And now they're trying to cover me.

I stayed at home, listening to Soul Caddy
And admiring Steve's brain.
I found a way to catch his attention
Now they all think that I'm insane. and I sign now...

I'm a Soul Caddy girl.
Hit me with a fire hose.
Trying to haul me away
Cuz I haven't got any clothes.

Oh, that Old Paddywagon...

I got the idea from a radio station.
I got nude. They gave chase.
They found me a home, with padded decor.
It's a mighty comfortable place.

I'm a perfectly sane girl.
Just cuz I bared it all,
Don't think I didn't get a Steve visit
Within these white padded walls

Oh, that Old Paddywagon...

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