103 Reasons we should go to the November 5 Cherry Poppin' Daddies Show
Can you tell we really want to go to this show? The numbers in normal text are by me, the ones in italics are by Mae, and the one near the bottom in bold is a very good one by Ben.
1. It would make for a great Christmas present.
2. Dana's expecting me.
3. Mae wants to see Dustin.
4. It's the CRYSTAL BALLROOM! Major landmark monument here!
5. We'll be in Portland anyway.
6. It will give us an excuse to have Mae over.
7. I actually know the words to the Soul Caddy songs now.
8. The floors are on ball bearings so it'll be extra fun to do the Brown Derby Jump.
9. Dan deserves a Joycam picture.
10. Mae has promised to dress up this time.
11. We haven't met Jason yet.
12. My wingtips are itching to get out on a REAL dance floor.
13. I have to get a picture of Sean's monkey face.
14. We have to see if any of the Daddies remember us.
15. We haven't met Ian yet.
16. I'm due for another analysis from Doctor Dana.
17. Steve's a smart man; he might be able to solve our sand pressure question.
18. More pictures, more pictures, more pictures.
19. It will give us an excuse to go thrift store diving for garb.
20. I need a Cherry Poppin' Daddies T-shirt of my own.
21. Another 10 page concert experience essay.
22. I didn't get my picture taken with Dustin last time.
23. Two words..."Teenage Brainsurgeon".
24. They're getting older. Got to see them while they still have teeth.
25. Steve's been stressed out lately. He needs to feel the love.
26. As an ambassador of the MC Large Drink Fan Club, I'm obligated to be there.
27. I've been diagnosed a Steve-o-holic. I need my fix.
28. The celebrate the end of the "Wizard of Oz".
29. As a release from work-related stress. You never know when I might flip and go postal worker on all your hineys.
30. To wish them all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Crazy New Year.
31. It's close enough to Mae's birthday.
32. More voices to scream "DING!" and "DONG!"
33. To maybe see Sara and others from the message board.
34. Because I'm willing to mow your lawn, paint your house, and cook you dinner to be able to go.
35. It's our first free weekend in about two months and we deserve some fun.
36. My mother says I never exercise. What better exercise than dancing and jumping around and screaming?
37. Just to make Ben even more jealous that he missed two concerts.
38. To view more nipple and buttcheek signing.
39. It's our last chance to see the Daddies in the year 2000.
40. To practice the Meisje latch and hold.
41. I want to see if I'm taller than Ian.
42. It's an all ages show. We should take advantage of that.
43. We have to give them a great audience for a home-state show.
44. I must be at the ready with a tape recorder to catch any witty comments Dan might say.
45. I'm special—I'm left-handed!
46. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow!
47. Because you love me?
48. I will have been teaching for 5 years (whew, half a decade!)
49. I like to watch [Dusty] go wild.
50. I'm not a Steve-o-holic. I'm just twitterpated!
51. If [Dusty] loves Steve, and Mae loves [Dusty], then Mae loves Steve. It all adds up!
52. Mae has kept above a 2.0 so far.
53. We are smart women in control of out own lives.
54. Who knows why we do the things we do. It's all an uphill battle and we should go forth as Christian soldiers marching off to war.

55. We'll give you ten bucks.
56. To show the Daddies my new haircut.
57. Any time I can scream and not get yelled at is a good time.
58. Two more words..."Lifeboat Mutiny".
59. I'm convinced there is a conspiracy going on to keep me from seeing the Daddies. Prove me wrong! Please!
60. Our car interior needs to be cleaned again.
61. I don't sleep on school nights anyway.
62. Because Steve has cool shoes.
63. Because "organization" is a 12-leter word.
64. Freeway driving is FUN!
65. So I can gloat to Jake.
67. Because Steve thinks we don't love him and that drives US crazy.
68. Because everyone should do the titty shake at least once in their lives.
69. To witness this great scientific example, energy waves traveling EVERYWHERE!
70. To hear 'em get funky on Equus.
71. Nine words..."Trapped Inside the Planet of the Roller-Skating Bees" (or is it eight)
73. To ask Jason if he knows who he is.
74. To attempt to play it cool when faced with the Large Drink.
75. Because in this rapidly changing word, it may be our last chance to dance to rock and roll.
76. To get an MC eyebrow from Steve.
77. He forgot to sign with a martini last time.
78. Pogo, pogo, pogo!
79. Getting Tim to smile at us.
80. Diamond Light Boogie in high-heeled silver boots.
81. Chinese food delivery courtesy ICC club.
82. I need to get an autograph from Dustin.
83. Remember when I was little and Mom used to take me to the movies when I got straight A's? She hasn't done that for awhile. She owes me a big cumulative thing.
84. Choreographed dance moves.
85. You never know what Dan is going to wear next.
86. To wish Ian a Happy Birthday.
87. To shout "Hey!" when needed.
88. To wish Dan a Happy Birthday.
89. We could bring along Jesper and show him this great example of American culture.
90. Because a sigh of admiration from me in Portland will affect a storm in Japan.
91. Just watching Steve's and Dustin's and Sean's antics is entertainment.
92. New Irish Whiskey.
93. With new awesome Soul Caddy songs, we can all skank with monkeys!
94. Because Ben has never been to a Daddies concert.
95. Lurel wants us to go.
96. Because if [Dusty] doesn't see Steve, the Steve content in her blood will go down, and she may die.

97. To show Steve MY new haircut.
98. Mae will stop talking during science.
99. Ben will beat you up if we don't go.
100. Because Ben heard Mrs. Fro say that she liked their music.
101. We have to do something to make us feel better after the game we are going to lose.

103. pleather.
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