Thomas: Yay! I'm going to be sick!

My mutha: Thanks for teaching me html

Thomas: You're the BESTEST!

Jamie: For the page that inspired me to get on my lazy bum and make this webpage

Benji: Right, get your mind out of the gutter boy.

Daniel: Battle the mosh pit!

Lurel: Slumber Party!!!!

The Cherry Poppin' Daddies: For being a worthy waste of time and making my birthday the best ever!

Becci B: The world is not safe from stale cheese crackers.

Randy: For teaching me Louie Louie

Bill: Because everyone needs a Bill

Mae: Eh, hello, may I take your order? Would you like one of our Value Meals?

Bekki V: Ha Ha Ha! You must play the game!

Meisje: Let the pilgrammage begin!

Splinky: Dude, you are a dog.

Josh: I don't know WHY you have me blocked on MSN, but I don't like it one bit.


Catherine: Yer so awesome. The sound of the Goooorge!

Erick: Jolly Giant Guy. Sorry for breaking the truck. You never talk to me any more. Me miss you.

Lynn: I pinching you head! I pinching you head!

Amber: You are the weakest link, good bye!

Col-ternative: I miss the long hair headbanging...

Ryan: Put down the hose!

Preston: Bass players ARE that much cooler than the rest of 'em

Kris: Tell Josh to talk to me!

Leif: Down with the Pillings, eh?

Jimmy: Thank you, come again

Mista Ed: Cuz I can see you in the other room

Sara: Yooo, never gave me a speech!

Joy: For being my wicked sister

Friends of the People: I likes your CD, play it all the time. I wanna be a groupie too!

Kristy: Lattice!

Derik: It would be pull that stud right out of your chin. 1