7-16-2K Taste of Beaverton Photos

Meeting my first Daddy

"I touched one Mae!"

The Daddies enter

Steve shoots the sky

(Check out the expression on Dan's face; that says it all!)

The best part of Brown Derby Jump

Sean Flannery:sax/backup dancer

Dana plays the tom (That's Steve's guitar. Does it not kick mad tail?)

Two very skinny Daddies

Gotta love that face!

Keyboard hurdles

Play it Jason!

"Joycam! Joycam!"

To this day I can't duplicate the expression on my face


Me mugging Steve

Autograph pic of Tim and me

See, I rock; Dana says so

"Ah, yes, we're very attractive, aren't we?" (That's what he said!) Back to Ding-Dong Daddydom 1