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Dusty's Top 21 A list of my favorite songs of the moment

Napster Well, we all know what's going on here...

Dusty's CD CollectionWanna know what sort of tunes I got in my collection?

DedicationsSome songs just remind me of people, so I dedicate that song to them, mostly to friends, one ex-boyfriend, and an econ. teacher

Dusty's Library of Bass TabsRight now I just have FIF, W's and Supertones, so cut me some slack

Setzer Sucks I am not a fan of Brian Setzer. This page lists reasons why Setzer sucks

KUFO-The only station that really rocks

KBVR-KBVR Corvallis, the Oregon State University radio station where I DJ a ska show.

Trumpet Geek International-Ok, for years trumpeters have been getting a bad rap. This site glorifies that.


These links will take you to either a fan page I've created or the offical page for the band or singer

Cherry Poppin' Daddies-My fan page with just added bios and pics from the concert I went to

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy-Swingers, Fox commercials, the Super Bowl. What do they have in common? A great swing band called Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Wodstock Remembered A great site on the history of Woodstock, short and sweet.

The W's-An awesome Christian swing band from Oregon

Distorted Penguins-With great songs like "Anarchy Waltz" and "Sexi Lexi", no ska fan can resist 'em

Maxwell Prod As local as a band can be to my little town. I know all the guys in this band personally. They kick some mighty mad tail.

Dead Poet's Society-Saw them at a New Year's Eve concert, and they wern't half bad. Kinda goth/techno. Plus, this Wa guy posted on my guestbook about the Cherry Poppin' Daddies, so he's cool in my book.

Casewag-Saw this guy at Teen Fest. Pretty cool. Makes your brain itch. I got a t-shirt, so that makes me cool.

Cerulean Blue-These were the guys playing when we skipped out to go to Thriftway. Some people call them Davy's freshmen, tho I don't think they are freshmen any more...

NoisePie-Really awesome swing and funk fellas

Catch 22-A high energy, ska band with great lyrics. I wish I could sing as fast as their singer.

Five Iron Frenzy-The greatest punky ska band around

Christafari-Christian Reggae

Supertones-The site needs flash to work but it's well worth it

The Cheapskates-Ever heard of a Welsh ska band singing about Canadians? You have now

MxPx-These guys are Chick Magnets. Another flash site. The garage is too cool

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