I have a photo gallery now on my server so most all new pics will be uploaded to that versus on Yahoo's servers.  The link is
www.2nerfixx.com/photoshare.  I have this setup up so if you register you can upload all your own pictures also.  Try to compress your photos as much as possible to save space please.  The KC meet was a success in my book.  All photos from the meet have been uploaded.  Others also took pics, so if you were there and have some other pics you want to share feel free to upload them :)

A couple things, I finally broke down and put up some pictures on
www.cardomain.com.  My ids that I have are 2nerfixxdotcom and id 2nerfixx.  So for those of you who aren't familiar with that site the two pages are www.cardomain.com/id/2nerfixxdotcom and www.cardomain.com/id/2nerfixx.  Also I would like to get some feedback on this site.  I would like some good criticism on things you would like to see more of, things you like about it, things you don't like.  Send all feed back to pmpsht@2nerfixx.com Thanks!


I have made a page dedicated to the
2nd Annual Midwest Capri Rally here.  You can submit your ideas and comments on the 2nerfixx.com Discussion Board about a few specifics that I need to get input from other people on.  Have fun, hope to see a lot of you out there in June.

OK this is pure devotion.  It's 5:25AM (haven't been to bed yet), and I am up, updating this website with the new install instructions and pictures of the install all the way through of the strut bar.  Of course I am selling these also :)  Enjoy, if you have any questions about it or instructions themselves, send me an email to

As some of you may know I run
www.2nerfixx.com   I have just teamed up with another supplier and now have strut tower braces available.  These are polished aluminum bars with solid steel 3 point mounts.  They come painted black but are removable so you may paint them any color you want.  You can get more details if you click Store from the welcome page.  If you have any questions just send me an email to sales@2nerfixx.com

I have updated the site after 9-13-03 just didn't write an update on here, my bad.  Well I have added the pic that a member sent me of the Capri Limo.  I also have a PDF file for the factory instructions to install the hardtop correctly, that another member has also sent me.  That will be updated on the Tech Info page as soon as I get it uploaded.  Enjoy the Capri Limo, I will also give free advertising to a business that uses the Capri for something crazy like that!  Also added another picture that was sent to me with a very nice custom done leather interior on a Capri.  More to come!

I have now added a couple pics of my newest Capri on the "My 1991" page.  I made that button before I realized I was going to have another Capri.  I should have known I would get another at some point.  Also updated is the "Tech Info" page.  I have a few other things to put on there, but for now there is a article on on to clean your window switches so they work like new again.  The article and work was donated to me by a fellow group member.  I can't take credit for all that work.  He as also sent me instructions for installing a soft top and also cleaning and rebuilding your pop up lights, so check back soon for those.  Enjoy, and always, you may drop me a line with any feedback at any time.   xpmpshtx@aol.com

Well, I finally broke down and bought an XR2, a 1993 with hardtop and all the extras, except one I could have got, which is leather.  Oh well can't have it all I guess.  I hate to even think of it but I might be willing to sell my 91 NA if anybody is interested. I really love that car but I'm going to be putting quite a bit of money into my 93 now so money and space would be better if the 1991 NA was gone (eek I love that car).  Anyway, I added some pics of the homecoming from Chicago all the way back home in Omaha, NE.  The drive was definitely worth it.  I'm slowly getting some more Capris, besides mine, into the Gallery so check back often.

Lots of pics have been uploaded into the Gallery.  Dean's race car and a video of the car in action and pictures of the Midwest Capri Rally in KC are among the new photos.  I may make the Gallery a list of text links for you dial-up visitors that have wait too long for the thumbnails to load (I'm one of them).  Also loaded are a few more links to our fellow Capri sites.  Enjoy! And of course if something doesn't work, please drop me and email and let me know what isn't working.
Disclaimer:  Any photos that are posted on this website are posted with permission of the owners.  If you happen to see a photo here that is yours and for any reason, you don't want it posted, email me and it will be removed immediately.  I will not be responsible for any technical info that is presented on any of these pages.  You are doing your work at your own risk, just like I do when I work on my car :)  Ok business out of the way, go check on the site and come back often!

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Ok I didn't think it would come to this but I'm in desperate need of a web host that can provide the data transfer limits that can provide enough muscle to host as many pics and videos as I have.  I want this to be the web's largest Gallery of media for our little cars.  Unfortunately that costs money.  I will accept any donations no matter how small.  You may send them through
PayPal to address paypal@2nerfixx.com.  I appreciate any help at all.  I have spent hours putting this site together and have absolutely enjoyed every minute of it.  Being a college student and having a fiance isn't cheap as some of you many know.  I thank you again and for all the support

Cory Barry
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