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2/18/2002 got a mention in the prestigious Screen Savers section of TECHTV. Here is the link,24330,3372582,00.html
2/18/2002 On 2/18/2002 , was voted as the 2nd most popular Widows XP site in the world. Check out our current status at
2/4/2002 This site got reviewed at on February 4th in Daily Updates. to check out whats new in daily updates check out
2/2/2002 Some of the tips on this site got translated into GERMAN. check it out or . This translation has been caried out by Rouven Balci from ENGER/NRW in GERMANY.
1/24/2002 Website's look and feel has been changed in accordance with the feedback received so far. Now site uses features of Cascaded Style Sheet. Do drop in your comments and suggestions. This update also changes the table size to 800 pixel so that people with 1024X768 or higher do not need to scroll. Site best viewed in 1024X768 or higher resolution. I think this should even be an improvement for those who have 800X600 screen resolution even though they might still need to scroll. Thanks for all the suggestions so far!
1/22/2002 I have added link to website. please click on this link and vote for this site. Its a two click process and should not take more than few seconds.
1/17/2002 This site was mirrored at two more places. New mirrored site addresses are:
1/14/2002 This site was hacked on 1/14/2002 for about 15 minutes. I just wanted to let the users know that this site is effort of one single individual and this site has been hosted free on a public site. I do not earn any money whatsoever in this whole process and do not control any of the web hosting feature. And with so many things being true, I just don't know what point hacker is making !! Inconvenience caused to users is unfortunate.