XS Vp Programs n Megas Head Programs...

We at XS do not claim to have made these Programs we are simply giving you access to them..We thank the makers for there skills and have tried our best to mention them in the names ...If we missed you please Email Us to have it fixed... ...

Mega Head Gallery Patch Yahtzee

The above downloads are all required to give you Mega Head...Enjoy....

TBH Mega HeadTBH Mega Head..
Tall Av'sTall Av Program..
Wide Av'sWide Av's Program..
Giga HeadGiga Head Program..
Mated MegaTwo People in a Mega Frame

VP Patches

TBH Patchworx 2Patches VP for things including no man's land and adverts..
Big FileLets you send larger size files in VP..
GestImAllows you to use Gestures in IM..

VP Stuff

Gesture GenieMake Gestures..
TBH GenesisFrame Maker..
Ills Mass ImmerGood Immer Can Search by name..
ILL's Contest BotMade to be used for paint contests..
HermesSend files to anyone in VP by nic..
Bot DiversionDiverts bots that someone runs on you..
Ocx filesOcx files required for Bot Diversion to run..
Peeping TomWanna know whos watching the room from Ob's? if so then use this..
DezonedChanges your text..
DecoySet up a room then send people to any addy if they locate n come to you..

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