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Welcome to my website, once home of TSoL: FBtO, a game designed by mean, that runs on a chatroom interface.  It is now called TSG, and information is available in the TSG section of my site.  I also work on a few other things on my site as well, hopefully it will continue to grow and grow.

The purpose of my site is pretty much gone... I use it for everything and anything; even added my own little profile section, ha ha...


Random News

[06/20/04] Father's day...

[08/11/04] Road test this Friday... last set of lessons are tomorrow... woot...

Site News

[06/20/04] More songs, new section

TSG News

[04/07/04] Updated the information for game, and moved the weapon and armor sections into the game information section

Other News

[04/01/04] Events that occur, always make you think... and hopefully, my thoughts of a new "beginning" will just be around the corner

Videogame News

[07/02/04] Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is going to be released soon, along with Phantom Brave and the like... it's possible that it might even be released earlier - as in this month.  Heh.

[08/11/04] Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is going to be released in 20 days, um... the day I start school... how FUN.