X-S BAGGAGE is a Mississauga based Rockn'Blues Band that has been performing for over fifteen years in the GTA. Founding members Gary Haughton on Guitar/vocals is joined by Jeff Lee on Keyboard/vocals, Chris Wright on Bass/vocals and Kevin Pike on Drums.
Guest Musician Friends add twists to the already full sound of this vocal band.  The repetoire spans every gendre from the simplest Chuck Berry Standard to a Beatle-memory, Clapton-rocker or the intrinsic harmonies of The Band's "The Weight". Sharing lead vocals and supporting back ups along with scorching solos makes "X S BAGGAGE" a power house band for dancing and listening pleasure. Visit our pages in this site to see past, present and future news. Our page "What's Next" tells you where we will be. Drop by the next gigg and enjoy the collective sounds that is
     " X-S BAGGAGE "
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X -S Baggage Blue Band
Name: Chris Wright  (905) 403-9612
Email: xsbaggagenews@yahoo.com