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I'm a bit crap really.
I have the best friends who I dont deserve, who keep me going eventhough my new job is rubbish. But I wont quit because it pays TOO well. I dont think I deserve that kind of pay either, but I'm not complaining.
I have 2 jobs though. One of them is great but pays badly, and the other one is crap but pays really well. Its a bit of a no win situation really.
I start university in September. I'm going to study English. Then I'll have one job.
I eat too much chocolate. And sweets. And rubbish. You can actually tell that just by looking at me. Whoops.
PBASH are amazing. Really.
Ava has a website too. She is the 'A' in PBASH. Or the first 'A' in PBASHA. Wow.

Yeah man.

I'm tight with money. Like REALLY tight. It makes me really happy when the oyster card machine on the bus is broken.
I like to read a lot. I steal everybody elses books.
I love my ipod. It's amazing. It has lots of country music on it.
I buy too many DVDs. Its a little bit scary just how much I use amazon and play.
I miss 2004. But I wouldnt have missed 2005 for the world.
Theres a hole in the bottom of the sea. Helen refuses to acknowledge this, but it's a serious problem.

I don't have many of these cos I'm a bit out of sync with the whole website thing, but if you think you deserve to be here, comment me or leave me a message in the guestbook.

Tuesday 18th July 2006
Whoops, it's been ages. Ava is making me play the 12 things game.

1. I'm glad you think I'm wonderful, but it makes me feel guilty. I think It'd be better if you were mean to me sometimes
2. I'm so glad we're the same. You really helped me through some stuff and I'm so sorry if I burdened you. For the first time in ages I actually felt like myself.
3. Stop calling me weird - I don't mean to be and it hurts sometimes. Other than that I think you're amazing.
4. I'm sorry I'm so paranoid. You know I love you.
5. It's so funny how we're great friends now. Don't eat my supernoodles.
6. I wish you'd stop hating yourself. I wish I could see you more often, and I'm so proud of everything you've achieved.
7. Stop being so mean to me, it's not my fault.
8. You're the most annoying person I've ever met. Stop bossing me about and actually respect other people.
9. You're one of the funniest people I've ever met.com.
10. I love how we have so much to talk about. You're also geekier than me, which I think is an amazing quality.
11. I feel so comfortable when I'm around you. Beware the wedge shoes.
12. I thought you were nice, but I realised you're so fake. Stop pretending.
That's me done. I'm gonna go watch lost now!
Pho @ 22:01 pm GMT.

Thursday, 9th March 2006
Kelly Clarkson was amazing. Like REALLY amazing. It was so short though. When she left the stage we were so sure she'd be coming back out, and Shiv went "wouldnt it be funny if the lights came on now" and then they did!My seats were SO crap... we were on the balcony and were about 4 rows from the back! Shiv took Ami's ticket out to me though and so I got into standing which i was very grateful, and I'm so glad we were on the floor! There was freak a little bit in front of us though with a really scary arm which she would NOT put down, and she wouldnt stop shaking her head scarily. But then noone else around us was moving AT ALL. A happy medium would have been nice haha! I might upload a few photos, cos theyre quite good pictures even if she is miniscule in them!
Work's been pretty alright, apart from a foul year 7 who in the last week has called me a 'fish' and told me to 'watch my back'. Craphead. It's an inset tomorrow which makes me happy, because although i have to go in I dont have to see any students! yay! Actually some of them are really nice to teach, but some are really not.
America's Next Top Model yesterday actually made me LIKE Kim! I doubt Siobhan will be convinced. Guys (not buys) lets go Harvester on saturday? It wont be a dreammmmm. I well need to stop saying that. Either that or i have a free subway. yeah man.
I think I left the english plug to my ipod charger in Australia. This is really distressing me, but I dunno if its there cos i couldnt find it ANYWHERE.I'll just have to use the american one here and buy an english converter or something, which is really rubbish.
I've also lost my acrylic paints, which is also distressing me. Argh. I had to use mums and she gets so funny about the amount you use. It literally has to be so small you can barely see it!
What a moany blog. Sorry!
Comment me please?

Pho @ 20:13 pm GMT.

Sunday, 5th March 2006
Yay Kelly Clarkson tomorrow, I'm well excited! I have NO idea what my ticket is like but to be honest I dont care that much as long as I'm in there. My sister hasnt told me what seats we have which is annoying me. She's being such an arse and being really rude in everything she says to me. Pah.
The weekend was fun, went to London then stayed at Ava's, then we went shopping today aswell.I felt so ill on saturday evening though. I bought like 50 books over the weekend though. I think that may have bankrupted me.
I dont wanna go to work tomorrow. It might make me cry. I'm so tired aswell.
Playing S Club and Westlife on the piano is COOL. It's just a shame I'm not very good at it.

Pho @ 20:13 pm GMT.

Thursday 2nd March 2006
I'm back... again! I have these creative spurts where I make like 10000 layouts and then times (which is most of the time) where i do nothing and never update.
Work was a bit funny today. I've started liking it a lot more than I did at first. First some year 9's got egged so the police came, and then some girl pushed a teacher over. Yesterday all the year 9s had fights too. So much drama. Yay. Just as long as noone beats me up I'm fine.
We're going shopping tomorrow. This makes me REALLY happy, but I dont want to spend any money. I also need to find some cash. Hmm.
We're going to the Isle of Wight in July! I find this hilarious cos theres nothing there. But we'll probably have any amazing time anyway. We generally tend to, even if crap stuff happens.
I'm actually gonna go now because I'm really out of practice with blogging so I need to wait til something actually happens in my life. Actually, I might put up some Australia pictures at some point, that'd be fun.
Pho @ 21:33 pm GMT.