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Established: October 16, 2005
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November 27, 2007
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October 15, 2007
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What is a fanlisting?
The fanlistings.org define a fanlisting as: "an online listing of fans of a subject, such as a TV show, actor, or musician, that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join." So this is a fanlisting for the band At the Drive-In. Simple, no?

What's an At the Drive-In?
Contrary to popular belief it is a band and not a drive-in movie theater! (Gasp!!!) They started off in El Paso, Texas and released a plethora of albums before they split up in 2000. Yes, they split up forming the two great bands Sparta and The Mars Volta. The members of At the Drive-In were Cedric Bixler Zavala-Vocals, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (Guitar), Jim Ward (Guitar), Tony Hajjar (Drums), and Paul Hinojos (Bass). Need more information? This is a pretty good site.

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001. Katty http:// Thailand
002.Natasha http:// USA
003.Allie http:// USA
004.Brynn http:// USA
005.Cat http:// England
006.Valinor http:// USA
007.Mandee http:// USA
008.Yvannah http:// New Zealand
009.Amanda-Jayna http:// Canada
010.Nallelina http:// Mexico
011.Meaghan http:// Canada
012.Kristal http:// Australia
013.Sammy http:// USA
014.Danny http:// Germany
015.Cass http:// USA
016.Appip http:// England
017.Giulia http:// Italy
018.Melissa http:// USA
019.Raymond http:// USA
020.Veronica http:// Italy
021.Triinu http:// Finland
022.Juls http:// USA
023.Vanessa http:// USA
024.Jerven http:// Norway
025.Andrew http:// USA
026.Devon http:// USA
027.Mr. D. http:// USA
028.Tiffany http:// USA
029.David http:// Argentina
030.Freda http:// Argentina
031.Nicole http:// New Zealand
032.Emilie http:// USA
033.Melissa http:// USA
034.Valerie http:// Canada
035.Deadoll http:// Brazil
036.Mikal http:// USA
037.Brease http:// Germany
038.Espe http:// Finland
039.Ali http:// Mexico
040.Lucaay http:// England
041.Jenny http:// USA
042.Quentin http:// Finland
043.Adrianna http:// Russia
044.Karl http:// China
045.Chelsie http:// USA
046.Maru http:// Argentina
047.Sam http:// New Zealand
048.Jake http:// USA
049.Popyet http: Finland
050.Angelfirenze http:// USA
051.Sylvain http:// Canada
052.Jimmy http:// Mexico
053.Wiz-arts http:// Italy