This is my page of animated gifs.  I do not care if you copy and take some things here and there without credit, just don't take an entire section or something.  If you need large amounts of files, you can join a Yahoo! club (they usually have great pictures) or affiliate and I will help you with my limited knowledge.  Many of the image files are courtesy of my clubs (links down and to the left) some are my own, some have been copied and used so many times that nobody is sure who did them.  For anyone I forgot to credit, I am terribly sorry and you can send me hate mail with the link under the updates.
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4/3~  Alright kiddies, today is the day I put up my new link.  Said link is chosen from the emails I got from people who wanted me to link their site.  So.....I picked Dragonball Inferno, which is mainly a DBZ messageboard and includes an RPG (yes I am a sucker for the nerdy roleplay stuff...and I'm a trekkie too).  I suggest you check it out.

In other news, I added my new gifs, they have their own page, aptly titled "new gifs".  Expect more image galleries soon, the pictures just need uploading.
Dragonball Inferno~the winner
Vegetarian Straightedge Webmaster Uses DBZ Page For Propaganda
You need Java to see this applet.