me myself and my third personality..

Full Name: Shanna
Nickname(s): hun, sac woman, pink, sugar, and shanna banana
Birthday: January 20th, 1987
Height: 5'2
Weight: 96lbs.
Shoe Size: 8 1/2 - 9 in womens.
Siblings: Meghan, and Duke
Bestfriend(s): Ashton, meg, ashley, kelse, mirra, duke, blah, theres more i dont feel like listing them.
Boy/Girlfriend: currently single..
Pet(s): puppy: Ra, and 25 fish all named Josh.

Color(s): grey, green and pink.
Show(s): undressed and adult swim.
Movie(s): The Virgin Suicides, Girl Interrupted, and American History X.
Song(s): motivation proclimation, by good charlotte, stick the flag, by propagandhi, and punk rock girl, by the dead milkmen.
Band(s): Propagandhi - Circle - Jerks - Riot- Clone - American Hi Fi - Toy Dolls - The Dicikes - Yellowcard - The Used - Hot Hot Heat - Lagwagon - Screeching Weasel - Dick Monkeys - Bananas - Blink 182 - Green Day - Strung Out - Third Strike - Adolescents - AFI (A Fire Inside) - Vertigo - Aerosmith - Anti-Freeze - Dead Milkmen - D Cups For Everyone - Pencil Shavings - The Get Up Kids - Everclear - If You Hate Your Friends - Hoobastank - Heart - Five For Fighting - Jimmy Eat World -Good Charlotte - Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies - Less Than Jake -Metallica - Pink Floyd - The Cars - The Eagles - The Black Crowes -Pennywise - Nothing - Name Brand - Op. Ivy - POD - True Hollywod Story - Reliant K - Rob Zombie - Sham 69 - Radiohead - Karma - Snuff - Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - System - Untitled - Verve Pipe - Weezer - Mary Jane
Animail(s): gecko.
Food(s): cinnimon toast crunch, and cherry popsicles.
Drink(s): dr. pepper, orange juice and hi-c punch.
Alcoholic Drink(s): skyy blue, smirnoff ice, fuzzy navel's, sunrise's, sweet vodkas, screwdrivers, and strawberry daquiri's.
Memory(s): spending the nights in the tent with adam nick and meghan in michigan, football field times with brian and steph., holidays at the "little kids table" and talking to my friends.
Personal Item(s): my journal, all of my clothes, my sharpies, my red messenger bag, and all of the pictures hanging on my walls.
Peice Of Clothing: my blue and black skirt, and my "shut up and mosh" shirt.
Gift Ever Given To You: anything. Sport(s): rugby
Thing To Do: talking to anyone about anything, and being around the people that i love.
Boys Name(s): Jeremy, and Dave
Girls Name(s): Jayne
Book(s): The Perks Of Being a Wallflower By Steve Chebolsky.
Cartoon(s): adult swim
Flower(s): lilacs and the flowers on persephony bushes.
Season(s): winter.
Holiday(s): christmas (even though i dont believe in god), and valentines day.


What do you think of the way you look?: everyone thinks they are ugly. i wish i was taller, and green eyes are the best. but it really doesnt bother me.
What do you think about your attitude?: i've been told im a maniac-depressive and that im pessemistic all the time. but i think its just peachy.
What do you think about life after death?: it doesnt exist, when you die, you just die, nothing happens, there is no heaven or hell, there is no reincarnation or anything like that, you just die.
What do you think about fate?: it doesnt exist.
What do you think about your self?: im a pretty girl, but im complex and i have alot of issues, so dont expect anything you have with me to last for very long.
What do you tell yourself if times get hard?: fuck the world, kill yourself, because it isnt worth the pain.
What would you give your life for?: my friends, or someone else (ex: if someone was going to be shot i would take the bullet for them)
What do you think about your first love?: they are the greatest person in the world and i wish them the best.
What do you think about the first person that loved you?:i dont think anyone has loved me in the you are thinking.
What are you afraid of?: death, and spiders.
What was the saddest moment of your life so far?: when i found out about my dad and "april", and when i moved.
What would life be without friends?: there isnt life without friends. everyone has at least one friend, and if they dont they have already commited suicide.
Without family?: i would miss meg. and duke, but i think i would be relived without my parents.


If all of a sudden you had the ability to do one thing better than everyone else, have one amazing talent, what would it be? singing.
If you had any say whatsoever in what you would be named, what would you have named yourself? Jayne.
What kind of relationship are you looking for or currently in? a great friendship that will last a lifetime.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? living somewhere warm, working at a dead end job that i hate, trying to get rid of my kids and doing puzzles in the afternoon for the fun of it.. hmm.. kind of pathetic.
Let's say that two days from now the world were to end...what would you spend your last hours doing? i would go sky diving and try every drug there is, and spend the second day with my friends in australia, oh and go visit my great grandma, and matt and andrew.
"Best friend" has become a superficial term over the years, so how would you describe your closest friends and how much they mean to you. my closest friends are people who will always be there for me when i need them, they may not know what to say, or what to do, but they are just there, and that makes it all worth it, and without them, i would be dead already.
Are you sterotyped? isnt everyone..
Do you prefer short talk or deep conversations? deep conversations.
Who can you spill your feelings to and feel completely relieved afterwards? any anonomous person that i will never have to talk to again, or ashton.
What's a quote that means a lot to you or represents you or your outlook on life? there's two, "punk is a pink daisy in the middle of a desert in a thunderstorm on good sunday" *me*, and "wait a min. dad, did you say freedom, well if your dumb enough to vote, your fuckin dumb enough to believe 'em, cause if this country is so god-damned free, than i can burn your fucking flag wherever i damn well please" *propagandhi*.
When you dream, do you see what's happening in a character's view or camera type view? camera type view.
What is your character usually in your dreams? a young girl running away from something, either a murderer, stalker, family, friends, life, etc.
Do you daydream? all the time, sometimes, im just sitting somewhere and i'll get up and go somewhere to do something and i will "do it" and then i will go back to where i was and someone will say, "shanna, when are you going to do that" and i will say "i just did" and they say "what are you talking about,you've been sitting there for the past ten min." .. kind of strange.
What do you dream about? being murdered, or running away
Which 5 people do you trust and are open with the most? ashton, meghan, blah only two.
What do you think of soulmates? they are overrated.
What's an object you can't live without? my journal and my sharpies.
What's something you ALWAYS have on you? my turquoise bead from mary, my lucky bottlecap that i found when i was with meg. and missy in doorcounty at the gas station.. ("shotgun" heh.), my glass ring from ashton, and my graduation ring from meg.
Wouldn't you just love to hug someone right now? actually.. no.
What's your opinion on love? it isnt worth it, no matter how much they say they love you, or how much you think you love them, someone will always get hurt in the end so just say no.
What's a happy memory of a time you've spent with the opp. sex? staying up all night talking to duke about anything, going to the football field with brian and just doing whatever i want, and rolling down the hill at coburen park with greg.
Whats the meanest thing any one has ever told you? that i had every bad quality a person could have. and that i was nothing. What's the nicest thing any one has ever told you? that i meant everything to them and they didnt know what they would do without me.
If you died tomorrow who would you leave everything you own to? some random person out of the phone book, but i would give my journal to my closest friend.
If you won the lottery what would you do with your, let's say, 18 million dollars? move to australia with one of my closest friends.
What thing always makes your day when it happens/ you see it?: when my friends make me smile or laugh.
What one thing about a friend always pisses you off?: when they correct my grammar, or try to convince me that their opinions are right.
What confuses you the most about life?: its point
Do you like your life? parts of it
Why or why not?:50 billion people were placed on some random planet in some random universe, they are put here to live their lives, be hurt,suffer, and live miserably while everyone else goes around hurting everyone. whats the point?
What is the one thing you regret?: hurting anyone, emotionally, or physically.
If you could have one wish, what would it be?: to move someplace where no one knows me so i can start over.
Do you wish have children?: yes
If so, how many?: 2, a boy and a girl, i want the boy to be older.
What year of your life has been the best for you so far?: im not sure what year it was, but it was when i lived at my old house on 9th street and nick and adam and ali and meghan and katie and sharon and i made 25 snowmen in our front yard and it was on the front page of the newspaper the next day.
What one person has totally had impact on your life?: sorry, cant tell.
Is there anyone you ever let go and wish hadn't?: a few of my good friends.. josh, hailee, amanda, dan.. theres a bunch so i wont list them all.
What thought do you find you self thinking of the most daily?: the different ways i could die.
What time do you wake up in the morning? 6am, 4:30am on school days.

What do you use?

-facewash: clineque.
-soap/bodywash: whatevers in the bathroom.
-lotion: sick.. none.
-perfume: some stuff my mom got for me when she was in Ireland.
-makeup: black eyeliner, ivory cover up, and chapstick.
-toothpaste: blue gel with stars
-mouthwash: the green minty kind.
-floss: cherry flavored.
-deoderent: secret "optimism".
-shampoo/conditioner: suave's cherry scented 2 in 1.
-mints: white tic-tacs
-hair products: herbal essences hair dye, sally's temp. streaks and tips dye, sally's straightening gel, and a towel.
What is one thing no one else knows about you?: when i was in first grade i had a birthday party and i had long blonde hair, and i bent over to blow out my birthday candles and my hair started on fire and now i dont eat cake.
What is your worst fear?:death, and people hating me.
What annoys you? rap music, and when people interrupt me when im trying to do something really important