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Being single definately sucks. I just got dumped, and its a pretty miserable feeling. And lonely. I wrote this page to help me find somone I can care about.

What I need:
It really has to be a relationship. I have alot of reasons. First of I only have sex with one person at a time, and I am completely faithful. I expect the same in return. I am a woman with feelings, and I can't do the FTF thing anymore, it just doesn't work for me.

What I want:
I want a man who I can talk to, hang out with, snuggle up to, and be comfortable with. Somone I can fall in love with. Somone to cook for. Somone within driving distance. And very important,  SINGLE!!! I am not trying to tell anyone how to live; but married men are waisting their time trying to talk to me.

My situation:
I don't have kids. I  have never been married. I live in Wheaton, MD, near the metro. I do not drive, and I live with family. I can't have guys over. I work as a waitress, usually evenings and late nights over the weekend. I will be back in school next semester. I have a busy schedule, but I will make time for the right person.

Who I'm attratcted to:
Well, number one, guys. I'm 22, so 30 years old is about as old as I want to date. I prefer African American men, because I'm more attracted to them. I don't know why, please don't try and argue preferences. I generally don't date men who haven't lived in the US  for atleast a few years, simply because some cultures don't credit a woman with a mind of her own. I am 5'9'' so its a nice thing to meet a guy around my height somwhere. And since I know you saw my picture on my profile I will be expecting to see yours.

And by the way:
I am plus size, BBW, or whatever u wanna call it. If you dont PREFER big girls, now is the time to stop reading and move on.  I am 5'9'', and weigh 230lbs. I wear denim everywhere, I rarely wear lace, pink, or flowers. My sense of humor is kinda off beat, I have no claims on sanity, and i want to teach highschool history when i grow up. Fortunately, that wasnt a job requirement. Im not particularly religous, but the golden rule does tend to guide me pretty well. One problem that I ran in to with one relationship was that I was told that I dont open up enough emotionally. Everything I say is completley honest. I do try and hide some feelings, especially when I feel hurt. I grew up in a hostile environment, and thats just how I turned out. I dont loose my temper, throw tantrums, or  even yell. My parents fought like that and I just cant deal with situations taht remind me of that time. So instead, I just withdraw a little.

Yeah, yeah, but what about sex?
Hell I am all for sex. I just happen to be an emotional female, so I need some sort of relationship with one man. Otherwise i get all twisted up and attached to fuck buddies who arent really concerned after they nut. WITH THE RIGHT PERSON I am a complete freak. I like deep penitation, doggie, missionary, this that and the other. My boobs are very sensitive, and I love to play. I love to kiss, snuggle and all of that. I do blow, but no cum in my mouth. No anal either, and i generally dont let guys go down on me. For me, sex is amazing when there is love involved, too. Thats what im searching for.

What I have to offer:
I am an emotional female. I am also warm, careing and passionate. I am a trained baker, and a chef. Not particularly organized, though. I have a strong mind, opinions of my own. I am the nurturer type, so I am the one you can depend on.

IF I sound appealing, If we might be compadible, drop me a line!