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11 august 2004. not much of an update.
   have you heard the word? we, xTEMPOxTANTRUMx, are going to perform the first and last show ever of noisemaking. well, we're proud of our work. and please wouldn't you be a nice person and hoist XtXtX on your shoulders as an effigy to be burned. not until we perform, of course.
   show: 21 august, 7:30pm @ segue coffeeshop-place, in zachary square mall. if you haven't heard of that location then you're probably not cool enough to see us anyway.
   and please would you tell your friends. our songs can be found at: www.soundclick.com/7/tempotantrummusic.htm, make some noise.
4 jan. '04 have hope, be happy new year
   virgil has completely alienated any audience that this site once had, i apologise. however, there is a song of redemption in the absence of updates: FINALLY, after the demise of mp3.com and the indefinite "maintenance" of iuma.com (thus no new songs available online), virgil has found a relatively adequate replacement! it does require registration, but come on, signing up for a fake email address isn't hard. the website is http://www.soundclick.com/tempotantrum, huzzah! for now there are only some newer songs uploaded onto the site, but there is no limit, not even 30 like on iuma.com, so for the time being we can have our complete songography online. since we'll be selling millions of dollars of records anyway.
   virgil hasn't mentioned the last few songs yet. a while ago erok and virgil recorded "live at jack sgallop's bar & grill" while dane and pogo looked on; it's an appalachian take on driving with big fog lights and parental abuse. also, not too long ago, erok and lance porticai and virgil recorded two songs: one about sports and bulimia, and one about asians. any title suggestions for these or the love/hate songs? go to the forum d00ds! enjoy the new tracks, goodbye and fare thine well.
19 nov. '03
   Due to circumstances beyond Virgil's control, xtempoxtantrumx.iuma.com is not accepting uploads at the moment and so our most recent TOTALLY AWESOME songs cannot be downloaded. this infuriates Virgil beyond words. Therefore, i bid you farewell, sweet noisemakers.
14 nov. '03
   that iuma.com site is cool and all, with 30 songs, but the uploading interfaceprogramservice is making Virgil psychotic. so if you go there, the songs will probably be unplayable on the "front page". i don't know how long they'll be like that. but click on one of the three "albums" and see those songs. sigh.
   this disappointment comes after a good solid recording of two individual songs coming together to make three. yes, they're about love, hate, and love/hate. you can probably see the titles here (something like "i h8 u and i luv u 2", "i hate you untitled", "i love you untitled"? i need some help), but can't listen. wtf. i am not lmao, nor am i rotfl. check the fan board, up there, for band gossip and walk-outs. "i was gonna be a dead whore, but my mom said i couldn't go." - erok in the halloween blues song. tricks and treats, idk. and then there's a metal halloween song too. so five new songs that are not downloadable as of yet.
   the songs last night included erok (guitar and vocals), day-vid lea rahth aka mikemiller, dane aka ?, and virgil. goodbye, have a noise-infested day.
20 oct. '03
   Finally! New songs up now - 1. "Two Isabel, with love" 2. "Rigel Express" 3. "Video games and the Simpsons are killing noisecore" 4. "Tempo Tantrum Is Totally Awesome Part II" 5. "Sexy robot candy stick" and finally 6. "Love me like a vaseline-coated glove". All of these have stories behind them, isn't that great. yep.
   Yes, we recorded last night - Day-vid Lea Rahth, Erok, Jürgen, Virgil and our new addition to XtempoXtantrumX, Lance Porticai! find him below, on the pictures link! Listen to all of the newest songs at this URL! Actually, not all of our songs are available online right now. well, maybe, but you'd have to go to mp3.com as well as iuma.com. Oh, and we are going to have "IA" as a song soon (AI backwards duh), but not until more song space is available.
   Then when your wrist goes limp from clicking on so many songs, click here for totally awesome pics of XtXtX members off-duty, plus Hooligans.. same thing!
   One time, I was resting... bahp! Robots and shit.
9 oct. '03
   The reason for no updates lately is because our three latest songs have not been named yet! and they were recorded weeks ago! So until that happens, the space song and the video games song and the hurricane isabel rock ballad song will not be available. You don't even know us, don't start talkin'!
   In other wholly important news, you can find a variety of new pictures including the last recording session (Tif, Flip, Gunther, Erok, Virgil, Jürgen, Dane[?] and there was a girl who didn't participate pshh)... plus a blurry picture with dennis from coma eternal, and a hot pic of Jürgen with Log from said band! we're scene! TTYL d00ds!!
13 sept. '03
   THREE brand new songs now online: "1917 Communist Party and snacks", "R.I.P. Johnny C.", and "Animal Noisecore". Magnificent specimens. PLUS, pictures from yesterday's recording as well as from Day-vid's house a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, Dane did not arrive on time to tape some noisemaking.
   The songs were recorded by: Erok, Gunther, Day-vid Lea Rahth, Kef Baamber (of Xbonestorm fame!), Jürgen, Virgil, Tif! The pictures include: the aforementioned as well as XwebsterX, Dane and Älskarinna. Share! Share!
10 sept. '03 OMG OMG OMG
   OMG OMG thirty XtempoXtantrumX songs readily available for streaming and download, on ONE site!!! xtempoxtantrumx.iuma.com is saving a life every second!! go there and be part of noisecore history! (Complete with "XtXtX", "It's fall in my heart" and "Beat party house mix #4.) OMG!
6 sept. '03 - two things:
   1. We [the royal 'we' as used by Virgil] are undergoing approval for a new website that will, we hope, provide all our mp3s for download to the general public. This geocities site will still be the "official" one, but if the other site goes through (hosted on iuma.com) we will have even more possibility of being signed onto RCA or Warner Bros. Music Performance Record Label.
   2. Somebody downloaded "Little Bear Eats Mushrooms" on Virgil's kazaa lite interface! wow, we thought that would never happen! Filesharing now has XtempoXtantrumX's seal of approval. You don't have a choice.
1 sept. '03 - happy worker-exploiting Labor day
   Oh, those mp3.com fuckers are fuckers... "we are not accepting new basic members at this time"?! GAH!!! *^@$$! So, Virgil will have to find out how Choadus managed to put some mp3s on his sites for Mail Order Bernie and Ladies, Get in Line (his albums, duh). Until then, long live free services, such as mine. Dude, I'm going to start asking for donations because this takes up so much time. jk. They still lose in the end.
31 august '03 1745h
   Erok and Virgil just finished recording two new tracks! These, added onto "XtXtX" (Erok/Day-vid Lea Rahth/Virgil - 20 august), complete a triad of new noise. Our most recent masterpieces are entitled "It's fall in my heart" - in which we delve into the world of facetious emo - and "Beat party house mix #4", self-explanatory sort of. This is an exciting time for us, follow us into a new world of mind control and let us free you from being individuals.
   P.S. The new songs might be available shortly on an angelfire site; if not, the usual period of waiting must run its course before the mp3.com dumbs decide to approve of us in their haughty manner. Farewell.
19 august '03
   Virgil and Jürgen are back, and apparently the others could not manage to record a track these past two months. It's okay though, because some new songs may be done in the next 24 hours. Indeed, Erok and Day-vid Lea Rahth and Älskarinna and Gunther have some good ideas. So hello again, and I hope some diehard fans still go here. XtXtX.
18 june '03
   Virgil and Jürgen send our regards to all them noisemakers. Hey mang, when the time is right you all will record some delightful concoctions of stirring noise that would make Sun Ra envious of your rapturous inclination to euphoric sound. I mean, don't touch me again or I'll shoot you with a handgun. That's all I have right now, so goodbye and we'll see you in a while.!>?.e
2 Juni '03
   Before anything else, make sure you've heard every new song - ascertain here.   Virgil has neglected to publicize a possible "release" on an Ontario label, Noisetapes. This is your non-genrecide noise, the kind that makes your ears bleed. Nonetheless, XtempoXtantrumX has been solicited for a split cassette tape, possibly cd. Nothing is for sure, but it just makes us sound more popular and such, so eat your pagan beans and love robots.   Alas, the outlook for a concert before Jürgen and Virgil leave is not promising; however, we shall try. After 10 June, it is up to the rest of you noisemakers to master the art of recording on a 4-track and/or book a show at, say, $$$Target$Center$$$ or maybe even an opening spot in the $MOA$ rotunda. Critical, critical, indispensable... oh, Di$pencer, how time flies and sodomizes, we miss you down/over here. ECKAH
22 may '03
   Well, the mp3.com shenanigans aren't as bad this time... only one of the recently uploaded songs is on hold - "Get out of my way, fucking Shakespeare" - most likely because of the title and content, so Virgil has moved it to the "Adult section" and it is hoped that it will be approved in a short time. Otherwise, three new tracks are available, none are blockbuster classics but they're still entertaining: "Ribasa" (Day-vid Lea Rahth), "Carnage, Demise" and "Can I Get a Witness" (these last two include Älskarinna, Erok, Jürgen and Virgil).
   In other news, a noise concert will be hard to do before Jürgen and Virgil leave next month; however, it might be possible to get some kind of space before then... otherwise, Virgil encourages the other noisemakers to go through with a show even if it's after June 12. Also, Larry Potter aka Andrew may unite with us to make some ENC reminiscent noise. That is all for now, ttyl!
8 may '03 - carnage, demise
   That just about sums up the last two days' recording: carnage, demise. 'Carnage' is for the song "Get out of my way, fucking Shakespeare" (Gunther, Erok, Virgil) - "Fortinbras ate my dog, eat shit and die!" 'Demise' is for the incompetence of yours truly/the four-track: we (Älskarinna ["Amy"], Jürgen, Erok, Virgil, Day-vid Lea Rahth ["Mike"]) had a space-age track going on, but upon transferring it to the computer, one of the tracks was missing due to a backwards four-track problem. sigh... it still retains the bulk, however. Also recorded was "Can I Get a Witness?!", in which the books of the bible are represented as well as a Jehovah breakdown. One more was added to the thus-far unpublished electronic collection: an untitled a-capella scream track by Day-vid Lea Rahth, recorded a few weeks ago. So, let not thine hearts be downtrodden.
   P.S. Carnageous pics!!!
   P.P.S. Neither Mel nor Josh participated, so much for sexism!
7 may '03 - hell shit yeah fuckers
   YES!!! FINALLY!!! "Sodomized by a bloody meat hook" and "Insect Necrophilia" have been released for widespread death metal popularity! Two "new" ones for your ear(s), methinks. And if that wasn't good news enough, two more recordings happen today and tomorrow, as already mentioned. XtempoXtantrumX XnoiseXcoreX XinXyourXfaceX XoooXoooX (XcheckXoutXtheXsongsXpageXasXwellXasXtheXlyricsX)
6 may '03
   If y'all haven't been checking the forum... you're missing the action, because yours truly, Virgil, is quite a deadbeat lately with this website and the Donkeybunch one. So, let this be a friendly reminder to monitor the fan board like the CIA monitors your purchases at book stores. What, patriot act 2? Huh? No, it's a country of the people and for the people, you terrorist. LYNCH HIM! LYNCH HER! They're listening to non-mtv music! NOISE. Critical.
   P.S. Tomorrow and the next day will, I hope, produce a few new songs; there will be new member(s) as well. Still nothing on mp3.com's outrageous genre-rejection of "Sodomized by a bloody meat hook" and "Insect Necrophilia". In the meantime, click on the songs page and take a look at some of the immaculate lyrics.
16 apr. '03
   Virgil and Jürgen just attended the second of four noise shows this week... okay, so they weren't noise, but still - four in a row and shit. Huh! Ninjas and counter-ninjas made it fun to watch the drama, and finally, at the end, what everybody was waiting for. A naked man's body. In other news, only Di$pencer's song has been approved so far! wtf, like really?! Anyway, we should be proud of Di$spencer's noise - listen to it here ("$9.95 green suits and porn, barely legal"), and wait even MORE time for the other two deathly metal noise songs to be available. I apologize, even though the heartless corporate masters at mp3.com don't have much concern for the people that don't want to pay dumb money for their noise to be hosted. So fare ye well, noisemakers!!! (By the way, lyrics for the 3 latest songs will be added when "Insect Necrophilia" and "Sodomized by a bloody meat hook" are made available.)
4 apr. '03
   An uploading problem has impeded the new pictures for a few days... but this is no longer, and Virgil just finished putting them up! See Di$pencer and others on April Fool's day. Metal pics, for sure. Also, the last three songs, recorded on April Fool's day, have finally been uploaded on mp3.com. Now the 1-2 week wait begins, behhhh. Stay tuned for that. Enjoy the pictures (and just plain weird meathook drawing I found) and Di$pencer won't be leaving until tomorrow. Hookah!
   We must get pictures of Gunther soon! He was unforgettable in "Little Bear Eats Mushrooms." Ah, lil bear's favorite treat... reminds me of those old arctic missions people used to take. ttyl!
1 apr. '03 - "What are you doing? What's that bloody meat hook?"
   The pictures and audio of today's songs will be up soon. YES, Virgil and Jürgen (mostly Jürgen) teamed up with SPENCER from Michigan to create three radical songs! "Insect Necrophilia", "Sodomized by a Bloody Meat Hook", and one about which I'm not sure about the title - it's a day-in-the-life song by Spencer. All these songs are tough, metal, and everything good in the realm of noise.
   In other good news, XtempoXtantrumX has a small following in California. Yes, the first "outsider" to email xtempoxtantrumx@yahoo.com (seriously, in all this time) was a girl from CA, wow!! Larry from ENC experimentalnoisecore fame goes to school there too, doubleplusgood! In the not-too-distant future there will also be a Michigan fan club, influenced by Spencer's outta control hair. ZING!
   P.S. Bonestorm's new website look is awesome! YEAH!
30 mar. '03
   Virgil sez: Possibly another recording this week, but not with Gunther because he's a studious boobar. And Take Care apparently will NOT be playing with BONESTORM (yes, an unfinished site is now up for those metalheads) and Valley of A'Chore as expected this Friday (4 april), so that takes it down a notch. Last night I received a call from Dane, who was at a bloody clearchannel concert with Jürgen, and I could hardly hear him, but I understood something about practicing for yet another band tonight? Something like Your Mother's Corpse? At least it's a good name... well I shall keep the whole world posted (as evidence, look at the site counter - more than 500, WHOA hah) and as of now I'm confused. BUT... in the meantime look at Kentius' online preteen aversion, here. Everything will be okay.
   P.S. Virgil doesn't know how he can go on like this, but he has implemented even more website-mixing-up just so he can get MORE bandwidth. So if you click on the links for Virgil's or Jürgen's studio pics, they will come up as an angelfire site. Don't worry, this is all for the common good. Trust in me, and you will never go hungry again. No-spin zone here.
early morning 23 mar. '03
   Mike, Jürgen and Virgil (with Dane the worry wart) attended two performances of organized noise tonight... first was Atom and His Package, a true inspiration for XtempoXtantrumX. All of us had a great good time with Atom's humor and Jürgen's mention of Marburg, Deutschland, to Atom (he'll be performing there on Virgil's birthday, 4 May) as well as Jürgen's neck brace. "I got in a fight." "Did you win?" "No comment." These quips are taken from the second part of our night, a Bonestorm-without-Ted-the-vocalist show also in mpls... Too much happened tonight to type even the relevant points, but as for XtempoXtantrumX, Jürgen thought of a good song idea involving "can I get a witness" and "jehovah" - a good combination indeed. And perhaps the most uplifting news came from Webster, who talked about getting us to open for his band the next time they play. It's just a matter of "booking" us, not our amateur presence which makes it almost impossible to replicate songs, teehee. Hey dudes, lates. Be sure to listen to songs and read lyrics and see the forum. Nein danke.
20 mar. '03
   Two (or so?) RAD TIGHT updates: first, Preston is no longer. He has been erased. In his stead we find Gunther, or Guntha for short. May we all praise his drum powers, so far only displayed to the world (along with Jürgen's co-bongos and Erok's geetar) in Little Bear Eats Mushrooms. That's right, now everybody can enjoy it! Look at the songs section and you will also see that Robot Love (gotta love Erok in that one) and Only YOU can prevent homosapien fires have joined the epic quest too. Truly a grand day. Also, sometime soon, Gunther may invite Virgil to bring over the 4-track to Ted the red's house during a practice of the musical group Take Care (encompassing Gunther, Ted, and Choad). So that could be fun... noise AND a full band setup, whoa.
11 mar. '03
   Virgil writes this in the early morning of 12 March, but let's ignore that for continuity's sake. Tonight = EPIC BONGOS. Wow. Here's the deal: Preston and Erok arrived at the space and unloaded Erok's guitar and Preston's drum paraphernalia (alas, no cowbells, but do not despair), and then we watched Chucky 12, Lord of the Tea, and Hot Male (Donkeybunch productions, duh). During this time, Jürgen arrived, and shortly after that we got ready to make noise. While we listened to the previous two songs recorded ("Robot Love" and "Only YOU can prevent homosapien fires"), something fortunate happened: Virgil remembered a fucked-up sweet-ass bear-tripping-on-shrooms movie, called The Bear. It's a good nature-and-animal-life-minded movie. There's a part where Yauk the bear cub eats some entheogenic mushrooms and starts seeing vivid colors and a butterfly, it's tight dude. Then at the end, a short-lived fight with a cougar produces sounds that are unimaginable to the normal preconception of bear sounds. Like "whhaaaaaa!" and stuff. So needless to say, we included that in our EPIC 6.5-minute song which includes hella bongos, trippy guitar, and of course googly vocals (and Lilly with the stereotypical native amerikan chant). It is called... "Little Bear Eats Mushrooms" - this and the two most recent recordings are now uploaded, but not approved, on mp3.com. Wait about 1-2 weeks to hear the songs and see the lyrics. Thank you all.
   P.S. There is a rumor about an XtempoXtantrumX show with Choad and (I have no idea) XpterodactylX (sp?) in the near future, and we have no idea what the heck is going on... but Erok and Preston will ascertain the details tomorrow at the glorious educational institution called hi-skule. Wow, Virgil write much and say bye.
10 mar. '03
   As a pre-update for the recording we will be doing tomorrow night, Virgil brings news that XtempoXtantrumX is now open for dates. See how many people will casually have sex with us here. At least I think that's the purpose. Welp, we verily hope to add cowbells, bongos, and documentary to our arsenal tomorrow. Heute? Nein. Wiederschen? Ja.
26 feb. '03
   Three more, yes 3 new songs! Today was a quartet sort of event, with Lilly attacking people with cookies. Jürgen (ümläüt necessary) and Mike made a redneck cracka song called "Only you can prevent homosapien fire" - it's about lighting yourself on fire. "Robot Love" is Erok's solo, guitar-only. Then an untitled noise song by Mike, Jürgen, Virgil... serial killers, Mother, whoa ohh. These are not yet on the computer, however. In other news: "Adventure Island (AI)" and "Bubonic Chronic" are now available online omg lol! Hear, wonder. But there is still a pending ENC song; soon it shan't have such status.
22 feb. '03
   After you download all our songs, look at some lyrics and details. Fuck the police, comin' straight from the underground. A few radical noise links too.
21 feb. '03
   Virgil is sitting here with Log. Log is over at Virgil's house. Log and Virgil obtained books and food tonight. Log is leaving to Milwaukee in about a week. Sad face. Also, the long-awaited song list is available to the public! Click here for hot bodies, I mean, links to mp3s of almost all the songs we've done so far. Also, ENC experimentalnoisecore songs are present (Larry and Virgil... XtempoXtantrumX's forefather). This is an exciting time for Virgil and XtempoXtantrumX. Everybody listen to all the songs. And make us, like, pop culture icons. Woooo!!! Also, last night a Donkeybunch movie was made. Wow.
18 feb. '03
    A few nights ago ("st. valentine's day"), Erok made his debut with XtempoXtantrumX by rocking his guitar and participating in the quartet Adventure Island song... Yes, it involved Jürgen, Virgil, Kentius, and Erok; it was a good noise song, with more of a rap-style vocal attack. Shortly after that, Kentius revealed his "freestyling" abilities with a rhyme about bubonic chronic. It's about twenty seconds long, woo woo woo. The next day, Virgil and Jürgen witnessed an immaculate performance of two bands that are core: Bonestorm and xcreepinxcharliex. All that needs to be said: "metal dude" and "FREEEDOOOOOOM!" Yes that is correct, a Braveheart-style battle ensued on the dance floor of The Garage, a youth center in Burnsville MN. No doubt. Oh yes, more mp3.com songs are pending... fifteen, that is. Or something like that. "It might feel good, it might sound a little somethin', but fuck the game if it don't mean nothin'." - Public Enemy sho fo.
13 feb. '03
    While we wait for the multiple mp3 sites to be approved, Virgil has changed up the three songs available so far. Check out Heavenly Noise for the first time, as well as the return of Tempo Tantrum. That's it for now, goodbye.
12 feb. '03
    Jurgen reports on the fan board that "The 7 Deadly Sins and Their Opposite Virtues" has reached #17 on the Christian Metal charts! A very reasonable proposition is the one made by Mike: it is more logical to simply add three measly songs to various mp3 accounts, and thus be able to link to them on this site. That's what shall be done (apart, of course, from the upcoming cd once we get a few more respectable songs). Should have thought of it earlier. Duh. In other artist news, Choad has announced the imminent release of his new cd - Ladies, Get In Line! You can play 3 songs from it, and well just read about it and enjoy. Choad endorses XtempoXtantrumX, let's support him. Even if he charges five dollars for a cd. Rock out.

   P.S. This is a test of mp3's audio hosting. If it works, we'll be able to link to all XtempoXtantrumX songs, as well as ENC experimentalnoisecore (predecessor, with Virgil and Larry Lang). So, test it out (the link is for download): Fancy Walkin' Solitary Jingle by ENC. [Apparently it is not working. Bah. We'll just have to wait for the myriad of three-song mp3 sites. That's fine.]
10 feb. '03
    What in the fuuuuuuck?!?!?! Virgil officially despises mp3.com. "On January 31..." something about non-paying artists only having 3 songs displayed at a time! Corporate windbags. I tell you. So, the only recourse is to switch up the song list occasionally (never pay those huxtibles). There are a few more approved now, among them "Fuck My School" and "The 7 Deadly Sins and Their Opposite Virtues." Geez, gimme the keys what the fuck. P.S. Jürgen, Virgil, and Kentius abused drugs and alcohol 3 days ago at Frontier Hall on the UofM campus. No songs though.
2 feb. '03
    Slight reconfiguration of studio pictures, now with Mike, Kentius, and Flip. Still no update with mp3s, HOWEVER: it is apparent to Virgil that we have about 18 songs, which means a CD perhaps soon... and by soon, we mean "pending." VI VI VI!!!
1 feb. '03 ... pagan beans (Chinese new year)
    Great XtempoXtantrumX news. Last night was a momentous occasion for Virgil, Jurgen, Flip, and Kentius. Not only did we solidify our ranks as human individuals, we also recorded "Pagan Beans." All four of us did the vocals, and Jurgen keyed it up. As a "reminder," here's what's pending on the mp3 site: "Fuck My School," "7 Deadly Sins and Their Opposite Virtues," "Black Sheep, I Miss Ya Babe," "Heavenly Noise," and two ENC experimentalnoisecore songs. Wow. (By the way, ENC is made up of Larry and Algernon, aka Virgil and Pol Pot, aka Pat and Andrew, I MEAN NOT). Let's just wait and see what those mp3 authorities do. Man, y'all fuckin' up.
31 jan. '03
    In a lasting fervor of "getting things done", Virgil reports that Jurgen and Mike provided the talents for two new songs on 29 january (see two pics taken during said recording). Both included the keyboarding of Jurgen and the Kustom guitar licks of Mike! (Gasp, another instrument!) The one song is called "Heavenly Noise" (truly a dark noise track), and the other was in between "Quaffing Blood" and "Abortion Outlet Mall"... most likely the latter, wwww. After the recording tonight (with Jurgen, Virgil, and Kentius), a cd could theoretically begin production. How's that, ye who haven't noticed the similarity between this site's layout and a certain other website!?
29 jan. '03
    Virgil has added some pics, but many things are left to be done - biography, song list, lyrics - and most likely, only some of those things will end up being actualized. New songs recorded last night: "Black Sheep, I Miss Ya Babe" and "wwScottyBagsww", which were added to the list of about 13 satisfactory songs. Watch out for "Louse" and "idk asl lol..." as well as the classic "Tempo Tantrum" on mp3. A few others are pending "approval" by the mp3 authorities, and one was even rejected for adult content ("Fuck My School"), so Virgil had to change the superficial name to "F*** My School", but it's the same golden song. Yeah dude.

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