My interest in space started about 9 years ago when I was looking through a dictionary or encyclopedia and saw the entry "Space" It basically said that it was what contained the stars, planets, and moons. From this and the picture it gave, (this was at first school) I wanted to learn more about it.
   Since then, I read anything in the newspapers about space missions, new discoveries, or planned experiments in space. Anything on the news, I'll watch when it comes on, and space movies eg. Black Hole, Apollo 13, Star Trek, and Star Wars to name but a few.
   If there is one thing that I would like to see evidence of it would have to be other life form from somewhere else.
The Universe is too big for there to be only one planet wich supports life, and I would like some other life to be found.
   Over the years there have been many accounts of people claiming to have seen objects moving in the sky which
1) are not shaped like any known man made craft,
2) move at speeds too fast for our current technology,
3) can instantly change direction whilst moving at high speeds.

   If what they say is true, and the points above occur then where do these crafts come from?
My  Interest In Space