The K.G.B.

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"Our music aims for your ass and heart, not your wallet.
We're gonna be the boy band from hell." - Toby

For those of you who don't know, The K.G.B. is a funk/pop/rock band from Oakland, California. The band members are: Toby- lead vocalist, Tom- drummer, Johnny- guitarist, Ben- keyboardist & trumpeter, and Moses- bassist. Their music is hard to classify, they are a mix of pop, hip-hop, ska, and rock. In Toby's words, "We're basically a pop group from the old school (you know where we write our own songs and play instruments) with a lot of rock and blue-eyed soul and R&B mixed in...".

I first heard about the K.G.B. on the radio, like grew to love, and I finally got to meet them when they came to my high school.

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7-24-03-- feast your eyes on solemite. mmmmmmm.

6-15-03-- meep... schools out!

6-07-03-- phenoma- what?

3-18-03-- spring break excitement... there will be new photos soon

3-8-03-- can you find the easter egg?? there havent been any updates lately because i have nothing to update, but sign the guestbook anyways!

1-29-03-- the last of the old kgb pictures are up. the gallery is now complete.

1-18-03-- matches pictures are up. no boston auto pictures... not worthy

1-9-03-- an interview from justin (of the matches) and soon to come, pictures of them and boston auto.

An interview with the K.G.B.

An interview with the Matches