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X'treme Trekkers Mountaineering Society (XTMSI) is a Philippine based, SEC registered, non-profit organization established at Amkor Technology Philippines Plant 1 and 2 created to initiate, promote, and conduct projects and programs geared towards the development and promotion of the various extreme exploration concerns especially those connected with the field of mountaineering. XTMSI supports outdoor related programs such as mountain and rock climbing, rapelling, spellunking, beachineering; and community activites like Habitat home building, mountain rehabilitation, tree planting, tourism, etc . We specialize in night trekking, trail-hunting, and crater diving, we exist beyond the limits. This site is dedicated to mother Earth.


It all started as a Hobby Club formed by ATP wherein mountaineering was one of the sports activity. November 23 & 24, several employees of ATP (P1 & P2) conquered Mount Talamitam, in Nasugbu, Batangas, towering 2,959 feet above sea level. It was being led by Rommel Sanglay and the Montanara Outdoor Group. This was the time were we met and ties. With this start, our passion for climbing grows. Thus, Dec. 07, 2002, after Mount Talamitam, Arnel Austria organized a second climb for the purpose of organizing the group. This was held at Mount Maculot, at Cuenca Batangas. There were 14 participants and among us, we have selected our officers. Also, we have selected our official names and two names came out. AMKOR TECHNOLOGY MOUNTAINEERING SOCIETY, INC. and X'TREME TREKKERS MOUNTAINEERING SOCITY, INC. Since we were not given an approval to incorporate the name of our company from our organization, we finally convene to use "X'TREME TREKKERS MOUNTAINEERING SOCIETY, INC. January 30, 2003, XTMSI was officially registered at SEC as a non-profit organization.

Website Update Section!!!
Last Update = Sept. 23, 2003

Mt. Makulot Tree Planting Project Images
Pico de Loro Traverse Images
Mt. Amuyao Images
Mt. Daguldul Exploration climb - more...


Official Climbs
1.0 Amkor Introduction to the World of Mountaineering: Mt. Talamitam....
2.0 Night Trekking Pinatubo, Crater diving....
3.0 Mt. Guiting-Guiting (Feeling AXN Challenge)...
4.0 MidNight Traversing Makiling; Mission Impossible III...

Climb Fanaticz
1.0 Mt. Cristobal; Evil within yourselves....
2.0 Maculot - The Xtreme Way....


World First 5.16 climber
Rehashed Climbing
Responsible Mountaineering Campaign


Mt. Daguldul Explorations - Nov. 8-9, 2003 = Open to guest and brothers. Email your confirmations not later than Nov. 05, 2003.....click for more

IMPROVISED OUTDOOR EQUIPMENTS - Start your own using this construction manuals

Pepsi Stove+++ Shane Grabber Stove+++ Backpack Stove+++ Fuzzy 'lil Stove+++ Sterno Ultra-light Stove+++ SGT-V8 Stove+++ SGT Soda stove+++ Convex coke stove+++ Altoids stove+++ Trangia Modified+++ Cat-Stove+++ Alcohol Stove+++ Lightweight Plumber's stove+++ Backpacking stove+++ Altoids stove+++ Lightweight Backpack+++ Windscreen for stove+++ L.E.D. Head Lamp+++

Bring your kitchen higher: mess kit, egg carrier, utensils +++
Delata Delights - from Cooking Master Mao Yadao +++
Pre-Climb Preparation - by: Stingray +++


Salary.exe - Salary Calculator program - (Click right tab then save link target as)

NEW MEMBERS----From Left - Right " Recruitment on-going..... <<<>>>



Happy BEER-Day!

Lito Carino - Nov. 16<<>>Arnel Austria - Nov. 19 <<>>Carlo Raz - Nov. 21

Celebrated last Nov. 15, sparked @ Athena Restaurant - 2nd Floor, Festival Mall, Filinvest then blasted @ 1 four Da road Videoke bar located at East Service Rd. Alabang Rotonda, Muntinlupa: Attended by AMKOR TSSOP EOL Tech and Supervisors : namely Sir Louie, Sir Ed, Sir Marvin, Melchor, Gerry E., Gerry F., Andy, Romeo, Doi, Arnold, Jun tip, Vher, Jengies, Paul, Polly, Oliver, Jhun, Papsky, Jordan, Edward, Allen, Jorgie. Representing Xtmsi are Lois, Me-Ann and Josie, Uly of Montanara also dropped-by, can't forget Jhygz nakasmock /w his XRM Cub, Amang, Carlo J, Alfredo . Some good men donated some cash like Ed - 1,000; Jengies - 500; Louie - 1,000; Polly - 1,000; Bert - 500, Paul - 1,000. Total bill for that event near to 10,000.00.

It doesn't ends here pare, Another celebration took place @ Martys @ Las Pinas, mura kasi dito 250 Php per barrel, pati pulutan mura, attended by gladys, lilian, carlo j, lois again, josie, carlo, lito, drax and lalaine, bale birthday ko yun, Nov. 19. Lights-out @ 1AM.

Teka, nagpahabol c Carlo Raz, bday naman nya Nov. 21. Friday bale meron ng 13-th Month kaya Cowboy grill ang venue... Naka 4 na barrel tapos daming pulutan courtesy by vher.

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