Toukijin is a collective formed in 2003, with a blog and graphics. It's hosted for free on crap Geocities xD And cloaked by the fabulous (and loathed) I wish it were hosted by some fancy site with an attractive name. Yep...


Name: Larien
Age: 18
B-Day: 5/8/1986
Gender: Female
Loves: Inuyasha, the men in Inuyasha, other hot anime men, animals, HP, LotR, photography, swords.
Hates: Everything else.
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News and Updates
12.5.04: First of all I'd like to thank my typing of the date, for reminding me to turn on the Ramses special on the Discovery Channel. Did you know that I am cursed by Ramses I? Yes back to business. New layout, as you can hopefully see. Okay, quite obviously my favorite color scheme for sites is lavender/gray/white. So like it. xD It features the lovely and talented Lord Sesshoumaru of my obsession Inuyasha, again. But I love him. But there's going to be some changes. Besides moving everything to tables, which is easier and saves space, I'm doing/already did the following:

1. I have two blogs - My Xanga and a personal one I call BandaiJ. However, while I'll still be using them both, I'm going to incorporate a blog here as well along with the updates.

2. Updates/Blog will be comment-enabled, using HaloScan. I'll plug you if you say something nice to me.

3. My icon/graphic site has been revamped with a new layout, and more content. Even though it's geocities hosted, it's quite good if I do say so myself, so please check it out.

So that's about it as far as updates/news goes. More soon, I'm sure.

12.5.04: So yeah I'm watching this Ramses special on the Discovery Channel and it's cool. I always like watching their Egypt specials. Ramses I's mummy was in a crappy freak show exhibit in a museum in Niagra Falls, Canada for a long time, before it was discovered who he was. I went there with my family every year for a long time, and I remember leaning on the case he was in and staring at him a lot, I was generally fascinated by all that stuff but as I got a bit older, I along with my parents believed everything there to be fake. Then I saw this special on the National Geographic Channel about his mummy being discovered, and sent back to Egpyt for a burial more fit for a pharaoh. And I was shocked because I mean wow, I was inches away from a king of Egypt. But after I stopped going to that museum, my life got really cruddy xD, so I'm thinking he cursed me or something for viewing him with disrespect. Yes, I AM crazy.

Other than that, I feel like total garbage. I have a bad fever, my head is killing me, I'm sore all over, and I'm incredibly nauseous. How are you all doin', my homies.
-Larien 10:00 PM