Welcome To My Crazy, Insane Website. While Here you Can Check Out My Pictures Of The Amazing Things That Go On At The University Of Colorado.
Hey everyone, My name is Erik and I am a sophmore at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The purpose of this website is to make an ass out of myself and all my friends.
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Well, I made it back to school for another year so i decided to update my site. I have lots of insane new photos to show you so I hope you like them.
The other night me and a few of my friends decided to go to a party that was thrown by a couple of guys I knew from the dorms last year. These pictures were taken on the walk home .
My U2 Concert Pictures
The other day me and a bunch of my friends went skiing at Breckenridge!
This is my girlfriend Lauren pretending to be a student at CU while she was visiting me this November.
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My No Doubt Concert Pictures