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"Info on Team Xtreme": This is a team for track racing, you can live anywhere in North America, I came up with this team in '00',but never got it started until now...I have 2 people in it now, it's like a car club, but like a racing team, You don't have to have a nice car to be in it, the only thing is, is that you are working on making it look good, just e-mail me if you want to join and add: Name, Where your from, Make-Model-Year of car, And any mods you have added, and i'll get back to you. I'm getting side decals and windshield decals made, if you want one, the windshield decals will cost $20.00, and the side decals $8.00. And for anyone who doesn't want to join i have "Xtreme StreetDesigns" decals for $10.00. Just click on the white letters below to view the member's profile. I will update next week....
Jesse, Member/Owner
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Will have pics of cars, and info soon....
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I will be updating this site at least once a week...I'll have pics of my car soon...
And also pics of Brandon's car when it get's painted on tuesday. So look around a lil' and sign my guestbook.
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AIM(aol Instant Messenger)-Xtrm150
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