Newest Project
I was finally able to buy this Toyota xtracab 2WD pickup from my uncle. I got it for $250, but it has engine problems. I will be puting this cab onto the '82 shortbed frame from my parts truck. I think I got a good deal because I got the dash, all glass, clean title, ect. I can register it as a 2WD truck and save money on insurance.

when complete, the truck will have:

Dual transfercases
- done
4.7 gears in the rear case
5.29 gears
Spool in the rear
High Pinion FJ-80 3rd with electric locker in the front
Custom flat bed
- done
Full External Roll Cage
HS9500i In the front and XD8000 in the rear
Dual Optimas
63" Chevy Rear Springs
- done
Stock Rear Springs In The Front
- done
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Most Current Status
Most Current Status
Bare '82 Short Wheelbase Frame
Mounting Cab To Short Wheelbase Frame