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We help you use bots in battle.net!
All you have to do is fill in the blanks in the bottom! In less than 2 days you will have your bot ready to go!
We only load WarCraft cdkeys! If you do not have warcraft cdkeys we cant help you!
We need a full account name and password!
A working WarCraft cdkey for your bot!
Do not give your bot out!
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zDS Bot Confing!
Bot Name
Bot Password
Bot Home
WarCraft CDKey
Your e-mail
Your B.net name
Bot Trigger!
Bot Cammands!

On the site you will see a trigger!
Select one!
If you get ( ? ) the cammands are!

?say [Text ]
?join [Channel ]
?idle 1 [Text ]
?cmd add [Cammand] [Text ]
?add [name] 100
?settrigger [Your new Trigger ]
From now on you will send the bot to XtremeZoneDirect.company to Confing! Then your bot will be send to your e-mail inputed in the top confing!  Your Bot confind will be sent to you! Read more how to load it! Gow down!
When you open the zipfile you most be connected to the internet and in Battle.net as the name you  put here!
Click on zdsbot! Its a program file click on it and 2 windows will open! Then your bot will be online!    Thank you!