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Updates: 4/6/03 Chapter five in "Match Makers" Maybe I'll have chapter 6 up today too... don't know.

Updates: 3/30/03 Two new chapters in "Star Cross'd Lovers" That's all for now, enjoy.

Updates: 3/10/03 Alrighty, finally an update! I have added the first two real chapters to "Star Cross'd Lovers" I can't believe it took me so long, but there's the start of it, enjoy.

Updates: 2/4/03 Dude I totally have a new story up! "Match Makers" Sorry it's been forever, and the two other stories are going no where as of now. But this is a story that I've had for a while, but it's not finished. Enjoy.

Updates: 12/10/02Chapter 9 in "Retelling" is now up so go check it out. That's all for now.

Updates: 11/25/02 Woo Hoo! New Chapters in "Retelling"! I posted chapters 7 and 8. It's coming slowly only because I have to re-write chapters because I deleted them on accident. So go check out what I've got.

Updates: 11/20/02 Alrighty, been a while, but I have the start of a new story up now. It's called "Star Cross'd Lovers". I can't seem to figure out where to go with the other one, so I started this one. All I have up right now is the description and cast of characters. More to come soon.

Links:Many Links spots are open, so if you have a wrestling site, let me know and I'll link you. Just link me back is all I ask. As of now I only have one so you could be lucky number two if you act fast! :)

In Conclusion: I'll just leave and let you all get on with reading what really counts. Don't be too harsh, this stuff just comes from the top of my head, and I rarely proof read and what not. Plus I only made this site cuz stories pop into my head, and I want to see how it looks on paper... well on screen. Whatever, I'm out.

Peace Out.
"Remember this... Although timing in life is EVERYTHING, memorable moments in history
don't just happen! Do Something---Stay Positive!" - Amy Dumas (Lita)

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