Our Mission is to provide the finest soccer program to the superior and motivated athlete and his/her family, in a supportive, physically and mentally challenging, and enjoyable environment. Our primary goal is to help each player develop his individual and team skills, to help him understand his own physical, mental and social development in the context of Club Soccer; and to establish in each player the foundation and tools for a lifelong love of soccer, athletics and healthy activities.

Club Soccer should be a positive part of a serious player’s life experience. We hope to be a significant part of that experience.




Xtreme NRG is an established member of the prestigious Cerritos United Soccer Club, playing in Coast Soccer League. It was originally formed in 1994 as a Boy’s Under 11 team. That team was successful and instrumental in sending over a dozen players into the Premiere and Gold brackets. 

The present Xtreme NRG is a Boy’s Under 13 Team. This coming season we’ll be competing in the Bronze Central Bracket for the upcoming Under 14 season. 

The past two years emphasized individual development in a team context. However, this coming year we will emphasize equal parts team and individual development. We’re looking forward to a very successful and satisfying year.