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Lest we forget
My Trophys page is done for about 25 days...if you have any picture of a monster buck,elk,bear,anything else...and you want me to add it to my Trophys page...send it to TROPHY@CHERRYSWORLD.TK    or click here.
(in full screen, zipped plz...and in
JPEG!!!!Thx Cherry!!
Now one year after the terror of the 11 september 2001, all the world will never forgot this day, and God Bless America!!!
Sorry I don't have much time to upgrade this Hurricane will do it sometime and he gonna finish the page I wanted to do(like the new banner?).
I just put in the rare deer enjoy the game with u can make a rare deer hunt online...and all other will hunt real(albino,demon or unicorn...all wr)
here...quick links to download!
11 Sept.
11 Sept.
11 Sept.
13 Sept.
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I don't really got time to do this...sorry real update...nothing new!:Hurricane!