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August 05 2005
New posters and flyers for ElectroAgogo posted today. All flyers have been used, the poster is a preview for an upcoming event.

July 20 2005
The TSMDesigned DJ Maximus 3000 website is set to premire August 08, after the content is loaded in.

Work on the Houston Bernard website should beging at around the same time.

TSMDesign was asked by artist Carolina Manzanero to design her first website.

June 12 2005
TSMDesign was asked by DJ Maximus 3000 to redesign his website. Also, electro-punk singer Houston Bernard asked TSMD to redesign his website.

June 12 2005
Fixed a few things and touched up the site.

June 01 2005
TSMDesign re-designed website running and operational.

May 29 2005
Two e-flyers designed for ElectroAgogo completed and posted.

May 19 2005
Three e-flyers designed for ElectroAgogo completed and posted.