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So you tried 2 catch a leprechaun and it casted a spell on you! eh ... well... if not... then how the hell did u get here?! *gasp* you must BE a leprechaun!!well! Welcome to The Random Land Of Randomness where nothing makes sence... ahem... now, go make yourself useful and sign the guestbook before i set my giant emu on you!
By - (v)ichelle
Founded on the 15th of July 2004
By-  (v)ichelle & Vic
umm therez gonna b more pic'z but with more pic'z da website will most likely move slower then it would if there was very lil pic'z...

Umm ... lol ... i'm tryin 2 take off everything that vic thought of or wanted me 2 put on here, so it'z gonna take me a while 4 it 2 look a lil bit better . . .

Umm There Will b changez 2 da website cuz Me and vic r really no longer talking , so i've takin over da website . I'm gonna make this just mah website, cuz it's caused more problemz then it's worth...
In 0rder 2 have m0re Traffic c0mein 2 0ur site we'd b happy 2 link ur website 2 0ur's, but only if u link 0ur website 2 urz!  Kinda c0nfuseing but it'll w0rk! :D
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Why am I s0 random...My usual answer is cheese...s0metimes it's ribbit...but 0nly special pe0ple get that...
Last Updated 0n Feb 3 2005
umm some new Newz would have 2 b-
++ Me And Jess are goin 2 WDSS next Semester along with carolyn
++ Lisa Should b comin back soon.. can't wait ...
++ Mah dad JUST moved out so i think i might spend more time trying 2 update da website...
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If i 4 got ya tell mah and i'll put u up here...