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Welcome !!!

Name:           Bruno Zahra
Born:             22nd June 1974
Status:           Single
Hometown:  Gzira

Interests:   >  Travelling
                     >  Walking and hiking
                     >  Gym
                     >  Theatre and cinema
                     >  Social activities
                     >  Leisure reading
                     >  Browsing the internet
                     >  Chatting on internet

My stats :    Brown hair   
                       Green eyes
                       French-Canadian beard
                       172 cm height
                       70 kg weight

Now that you have quenched the thirst of whom I am in reality, I invite you to browse further on, on this  homepage and get in touch with my life and what I really believe in.

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I would like to thank you beforehand for the time you shall be spending reading my homepage.  I would be my pleasure if you want to share any comments or thoughts on any subject you would like to tackle in life.  So don't hesitate to write me in the following address.