Silly little things always fail in life, why bother.
Last Updated March 13th, 2004.
"Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger. More than never, hour after hour, work is never over. "

Over the last years of my time, the doom and gloom of my teenage angst, seemed a bit of a foolish totum pole. I have had grasped life and twisted it to my way. But, though thinking of it as mastered, one loses it. So I never had it to begin with. A life, in the "brood" sense, is not a life at all. I have risen past such thoughts. Though I am still the same dresser. My clothes are all the same. Black baggy "freak" wear.. or "gothic" style.. It makes no connection to the inner self, of which I was. Those things were good when I was a teenager, but now in my early 20's, there's no time for fun and games. One can have such, true. But one must also look into reality. No, I am not a "night fiend", I am not a "cultist" or a "wannabe vampire". Such things of childhood and teenage classification, of my "scene" changes when one must make life altering direction.

  Though my admirations of the dead, witchcraft, paganism, spirits, myths, and the other supernatural, still present in my person today. and my clothes show signs that this man is one of .. "those" people. I laugh at stereotypes and those who stereotype. Know me and then you may classify me. Know me not? Get to..

I am a Medieval reinactor. I am part of the Society for Creative Anachronism, though no one important, that may change, every one of us makes something in it's whole. My major, is combat. I love a good fight and never enough is there.

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WAD-R friends whom asked for a page of their characters and mine own.
Old Garr Aileron...(still under work)
Old Shutat Draven...(still under work)
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