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Examing Morality or Hyprocracy

           What can make so many people vote against their own best interest? What can make country's go to war? What can make someone kill themselves in the name of it? You guess it "Religion". But this is not a news flash to anyone, religion has always been a hot button issue throughout history. What I don't understand is the  hyprocracy or shere ingonorance of some of these people that vote what  they think are backing up their beliefs. How many times have you heard one of thes religous people say " I voted to put God in the White House" or " Its about time we have a good ole christian President". I don't know if these people have no clue or are just  hyprocritiacal when they vote contradictory to their beliefs. What I mean is this whole notion of saving the baby but killing the child. First off, unless  you are able to have a baby yourself you cannot tell women what they can or cannot do with their own bodies. Most of these religous voters say they voted for Bush to save the lives of many babies. But in doing so they voted for a president that has sent America's children to fight a futile war for fuel. Not only killing many american soldiers but many Iragi civilians as well, which include many children. Are these people just blind to this. Its like if they don't see it than its not really happening. These are the same peope  that tell me God is like the wind  - just cause you cant see him you know hes there.  Also not only saving babies but stopping others from using these babies to cure living human beings. Stem cell research allows us to use regentive cells from feti to help find cures for cancer, parkinsons, and various other illnesses. I dont understand why there so intent on saving things that are almost human but there perfectly fine with letting there family members and friends fade off into the distance.   Another issue that these religous voters heavily support Bush on is his vow to vanquish  the homosexual devil that has forsaken our holy society.  Have we learned nothing from history, from the civil rights movement and the holocaust. Or even in the words of the X-men, "People fear what they do not understand". If a comic book can comment on society than why can't the all mighty "Church" learn that  same tolerance. In our Consititution it states , "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", so why are people trying to impede on others happines merely because they feel it is a sin. As  I stated in a previous Blog I am still struggling in weather  I believe in God myself.(Although I am compleatly against religion), My God would care for all life no matter if there black,  brown, white, American, or Iraqi. My God would want us all to be happy, even if being happy means being with the same sex, opposite, or both. My God would care less about fetuses and homo-sexual sex, and more about the families they can barely afford to be fed because of such a poor economy.  My God would condem going to war with a complete disregard for human life scratch that all life. My God would not want any terrorist killed or countries liberated in his name. My God is also sick  of Blessing America  it aint that special. You arogant pieces of trash. God should bless the world not just one fucking country you selfish bastards.  Again this is if I believed in God, either way if you do or you dont believe in God, you should agree with this views if your a rational good human being. So if for some reason what I said doesn't seem rational to you and you still hold fast to your beliefs. You have every right to, but remember theres something called Seperation of Church and State. Learn it, Live it, Love it

11/18/04   3:30 AM

Sorry Ive been so lazy i will try to post more often   This next blog was actually an email  my father sent to me and several of his friends. He is trying to make his friends who are vietnamese and blindy follow Bush aware of his either disregard or complete lack of knowledge for Vietnamese heck American History(Vitenam War, you didn't really need me to tell you that right?)

Dear friends: > 

         I am sending you this message to alert you of a  grave incident affecting our Southeast Asian American community, notably the Vietnamese American  community, and to ask you all to work together for a  quick & rational solution to bring back honor and respect to our community.  For those who are not aware of this incident, please  read the following  transcript from the September 27, 2004 edition of  "The Reilly Factor", a Fox TV Network Show, interviewing President George  W. Bush: 

O'Reilly :  The South Vietnamese didnt fight for  their freedom, which is  why they don't have it today

Bush: Yes

O'Reilly: Do you think the Iraqis are going to fight for their freedom?

Bush: Absolutely

O'Reilly: You do ?

Bush: Because people want to defend their country.  I believe that. You  know why I believe that, and this is really important, it's because I  believe everybody yearns to be free. I believe the Muslims yearn to be free.
(For full transcript, please go to >,2933, 133712,00.html).

In summary, President Bush affirms that while everybody yearns to be  free, the Muslims yearn to be free and the Iraqis are going to fight for their freedom, but the South Vietnamese did not fight for their freedom. What a shocking statement, especially when it comes from the President of the United States. I am speechless and I am positive that so you are, mum in complete disbelief. 58,000 Americans sacrificed  their lives and several hundred thousand were injured in the Vietnam War. The South  Vietnamese suffered enormous casualties with almost 300,000 deaths and more than 1 million wounded. Was it not for freedom that the Americans and the South Vietnamese sacrificed so much? Why was  the United States in Vietnam? Was it not to assist the South Vietnamese in their fight for reedom and democracy?  President Bush clearly showed a disregard for the sacrifices of the Vietnamese people, his disrespect for Vietnamese Americans and a complete lack of knowledge about history, war and foreign  policy. President Bush also disclaims the noble cause of the Americans to assist the South Vietnamese in the fight for freedom during the Vietnam War. We must have quick and decisive actions to restore  the honor and respect for our Southeast Asian American community, our Vietnamese American  community and we have to act together. This is not  an issue of  Republicans or Democrats, nor an issue of  conservatives or liberals. This is an issue gravely affecting our entire community.  If we do not do anything, similar incidents will happen again (Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld recently also made similar disrespected  remarks about South  Vietnam). We will not let anybody misjudge and  dishonor us: We have  fought bravely for the freedom of South Vietnam and  we will fight tirelessly to restore the honor and the respect for our Vietnamese American community. The Southeast Asian American Community & the Vietnamese American  Community must demand that President Bush apologizes  for making such a damaging and disrespected remark towards our communities. To achieve this goal, I suggest that the national organizations representing our community in Washington DC namely the Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC), the National Alliance of Vietnamese American Service Agencies (NAVASA), the Nghi Hoi Nguoi Viet Toan Quoc  should take the lead to coordinate this effort starting with the dissemination of this  information widely to all organizations and  individuals nationwide and ask for their joint action and support. Letters and calls to President Bush, to our elected officials, to the media and other appropriate actions must be coordinated swiftly and decisively.  We at the local level  will also work with the media, elected officials,  agencies and individuals to mount this vigorous campaign.  Working together we can restore honor to our community and pay tribute to those that sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Thank you for your sharing the significance of this  issue and for our > quick joint action.


I reget to inform you of a mistake. The numbers I have given for Florida are correct but there correlation with fraud is in itself some what fraudulent. This only discredits one point in my argument. I still hold fast to notion of cheating in these elections. Since I got these numbers from Ryan, I 'll let him explain and apologize at
scroll down to Correction.

Damn those Dixie-Crats why don't they just register republican

"To believe that Bush won the election, you must also believe: That the exit polls were wrong; that Zogby's 5pm election day calls for Kerry winning Ohio and Florida were wrong (he was exactly right in his 2000 final poll); that Harris' last-minute polling for Kerry was wrong (he was exactly right in his 2000 final poll); that incumbent rule #1 - undecideds break for the challenger - was wrong; That the 50% rule - an incumbent doesn't do better than his final polling - was wrong; That the approval rating rule - an incumbent with less than 50% approval will most likely lose the election - was wrong; that it was just a coincidence that the exit polls were correct where there was a paper trail and incorrect (+5% for Bush) where there was no paper trail; that the surge in new young voters had no positive effect for Kerry; that Kerry did worse than Gore against an opponent who lost the support of scores of Republican newspapers who were for Bush in 2000; that voting machines made by Republicans with no paper trail and with no software publication, which have been proven by thousands of computer scientists to be vulnerable in scores of ways, were not tampered with in this election."

11/9/04 6:06 PM

How the Reps. was Won Part. I

        I know I know, I was suppose to write a blog about the invovlement of religion in political legislation, but I wanted to stress the importance of informing the OC of the scandal that is currently going on in this curretnt election. Thanks to a recent conversation with my friend Brian, I realized that sometimes who I forget whoI'm talking to, people from the suburbs. I also forgot that sometimes being from Berkeley I am imdediately labeled as a radical hippie liberal mel gibson-type from Conspiracy Theory ( P.S. Mel Gibson is a Jackass). But I must stress how this is not a conspiracy theory. I ask you to merely crunch the numbers provided by Isn't it supspicious that in county's across Ohio and Florida where democrats registered 7 to 2 voted for bush 7 to 2(check out some numbers on the left). If these numbers don't raise an eyebrow than how about reports of an actual computer patched use to steal a senatorial election. (Disclaimer: This single  point has been corrected look above the rest of the argument still makes sense). Bev Harris head of says that she discovered this patch while examiniing the election for a senatorial seat for Georgia,  vs. . Incidentally, the patch name was called "Rob Georgia". This patch was designed to start counting backwards when a certain number was reached for the democratic canidate. This isn't so hard to believe that a patch could be put on a computer program. Come on now if Hackers can break into government files than I'm sure an administration with this type of power and those types of resources is capable of the same, this is highly possible. This was not the only way the Republicans tried to disenfranchise people, they also knew that more poor urban areas w/ dense minority populations would vote heavily for Kerry. So knowing this, many urban comunities were short voting machines causing waits up to 3 hours or more. State election officials of Ohio where projecting a huge increase in voters, but for some reason two less machines per county was protocol. So subsequently causing long waits making people lose their interest to vote. Field test and studies have placed the number of people turned away from voting because of long waits comes out to 93,000 some odd people. The republicans knew if you make people wait for more than an hour they will most likely give up their right to vote. That was part of ; a huge undervote problem but another issue with this election is a huge over-vote problem. Don't think all my sources are from small market liberal media. has been reporting that across the nation that some 95,000 more votes were counted  than reported voters. Where do all these extra votes come from? Why aren't they more reports on T.V. Well thats the problem, throughout history the press has been responsible to inform the people. But in this day and age, "the press" now more approprieatly called the media is in a symbiotic relationship with the government. The media controls what the public knows and doesn't know. In essence they control you. Think about it, How come on election day there were no reports of this? How come we never saw the inside of one of these voting presincts in Ohio? All we saw were lines we didn't get to see inside and the insufficient amount of voting machines. Why did they not report exit polls? How iresponsible is it to call a state for the president when people where still in lines, votes to still be counted, provisionals, over-seas votes, and absentees to still be counted? Don't trust everything you hear just because it is on NBC,  ABC, or a mutii-national news conglomerate.
            Going back to the conspiracy issue. Is it that hard to question the acts of this administration? My friend Brian stated that there have beeen conservatives in the past. Exactly Nixon-Watergate, Reagan - Irancontra/Reganomics, Bush Sr. - economics/Gulf War. I think common sense would lead you to question this anomile. Why is that in 200 years of using exit polls in the last two elections showed such a large discrepency. It can't be shere happenstance. Also if it is a conspiracy then why would so many people be backing a push for investigation. These people include govenor nalder, senator from ohio, and numerous of other organizations with the likes of Pink Code and  other organizations. I seldom remember that a lot of this nation is unaware of the shady practices that took place in 2000. The issue of Florida went through county courts to state courts to ultimately the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, there, partisan politics reared its ugly head and a  5 to 4 majority of Reps to Democrats ruled in favor for Geogre W. Bush. Some say then, it is impossible we can't do anything about it. The problem is awareness of the public. We must get outraged and protest this republican trinity of power.
             What I don't understand is that it is easier to beleive in higher powers and extra-terrestrial beings than to believe the government would blantly lie straight in the public's faces.The government is not infallible. Were talking about a government that was invovled in the 40's and numerous accounts of supplieing militant rebels to overthrow those in power. Question the govenrment, defy authority, and fuck off
*If you listen to Air America Radio you can tell that I am an avid Randy Rhodes listener.

11/7/04 12:47 PM

Yawn of the Dead

As I grew older I found myself more and more cynical about life. I started to question everything that I was taught or told. I questioned my parents, my education, the government and life in general. I remember when I started to question my "faith". I was raised in a Vietnamese, religiously traditional family. My grandparents still hold nightly prayer sessions and go to church every day. My parents took my brothers and I to church every Sunday. I received every sacrament or ritual that they put me through including Bible School. I was going through life feeling guilty for everything I did. You know what I mean especially  if you are/were Catholic, guilt bleeds into every decision you make. I remember sitting in mass on a usual sunday thinking about girls and things I would do after I got out of this snooze fest when it hit me. I seemed to have an out of body experience. Usually I just sit there mindlessly reciting the hymns and humming the songs, but this time it felt as if I could look outside of my self and view the mass from an outsider point of view. And I couldn't help but think that t seemed somewhat cult like. Think about it, (I'm just going by my experiences in Catholic mass) my memory is a little off but when they list the prayers and everyone responds, "Lord bless us in rythmic simultaneaity, it seems like a voodoo chanting sesion lifted directly from an Indiana Jones movie . What if you replaced Lord bless us  with  el diablo bless us" or any other worshiped iconic figure. It sounds ridiculous unless its part of an established mainstream religion. I have no qualms in believing in a higher being but people misguidedly ascribe to religion as a means to  fill in questions or occupy a void . I myself have not come to a conclusion about the exisistince of God yet. I do however respect everyone's right to their own beliefs, but I do not feel it is right when people unwelcomedly impose their beliefs onto others. So my real problem lies in organized religion for a few reasons but two in particular. First, I feel religion creates and shapes a person in a way that is detrimental to him or her and to the people he or she comes in contact with. I know this is a huge generalization but I feel there are two types of people that go to church every sunday. The first type is just your average person who dutifully attends mass every sunday as a chore. I'm pretty sure this same person feels they are very religious merley beacause he or she feels fulfilled after sitting through one hour of mass. I don't understand how some of these people condem others for not attending church weekly when I bet they themselves don't connect with God throughout that week besideds the ritualisttic dinner prayer or when they're desperately in need. Why do you need these strict rules and rituals if you feel like you have a good relationship with your God and live life as a good human being? There is no point nit- picking through life following these ridiculous rules, when you could live life to the fullest. I think your God would think in your best interest. If he knew you loved him then why would he care if living with someone before marriage makes you happy. Life might pass you by if you're too busy trying to live this life of perfection. What if there isn't an afterlife, then all your sacrifices and all those times you didn't eat meat on fridays would all be for not. The second type, (and we all know who they are) call themselves  which is a euphemism for "Evangelical". Have you ever talked to one of these people? I swear its like talking to a brainwashed god zombie. For example, I remember one evening in highschool when my friend Cletus Brown and I went attended a friend's church youth group. My friend and I started to get in a debate with these people. At the time I was still Catholic but definetly not evangelical. I started to play devil's advocate and I remember they each responded with a sort of brainwashed answer similar to the last person's. I then said I felt cool with religion and all but I just didn't feel it was right to evangalize and push their opinions onto others. One of them responded with, " Why is it wrong? God tells us to spread the word and save those who need saving". How pretentous! How about I tell you when I need fucking saving. It was at this moment I thought to myself. Am I really playing devil's advocate or are these really my views. The Christian I fear is the brainwashed robot that is trying to recruit and police the world for the neo army of Christ

*Please read the ensuing article. It ties in greatly with this one it will examine the hypocracy of the religious reich and the seperation of church and state or more like connection of church and state

11/07/04 2:36 AM

How the Reps. was Won

side note: I voted on a PAPER BALLOT

Months before the election I was worrying about these electronic voting machines that  BUSH, was to head the commision of. I just thought to myself, " Is this not blantly obvious to anyone else." But then "what am I thinking", half this country voted for BUSH. Were talking about people with an IQ equivalent to cracker.  How can a canidate that is running in the election that these machines are to be used, be in charge of contracting the builders of these machines. Can you say ;CONFLICT OF INTEREST. In a recent fund-raising letter to the Republican Party in Ohio the head of the company Diebold(one company making voting machines) was quoted saying he was, "commited to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year".(to check out more on this go to . Also there has been talks that BUSH has just reach contracts with Diebold to have about 90,000 ATMs to be installed in a stable IRAQ. Is that not way too obvious. Its like everytime BUSH does something wrong conservative America closes it eyes and imagines two dudes kissing. And they think to themselves nothing is as bad as two dudes kissing. This notion is as ridiculous as it sounds. But I' ll get to that topic in a little bit.  Back to these crooked machines and thes crooked politicians. There were thousands of  reports from several voting precincts of malfuctioning voting machines. Some blacked out half way, some voted for the other canidate, and some didn't work at all. I heard reports that in one county malfuctioning machines caused for a loss of 25 million votes which was obviously much more than the actual population. In another county 4000 some odd votes were counted for bush but poll workers swear there were only about 700 voters that day. This next information is researched by higherpieproductions: baker county, florida with 12,887 registered voters 69% Democrats and 24% Republicans , only 2,180 voted Kerry and  7,738 voted BUSH, this is largely different from the rest of the country where registered democrats laregly voted for kerry. In Dixie County, FLA where it is 77.5% democrats and 15% republican there were 1,959  votes for Kerry and 4,433 votes for BUSH. (for more in depth numbers check out ).
(Disclaimer: This last single  point has been corrected look above the rest of the argument still makes sense). Ryan says he has more articles to come and so do I. I was reading this article on, it had interview a Professor that was speaking about how these voting machines had number codes so long and complex which makes it very hard to trace but very easy to cheat. One very simple solution could be a paper ballot that is printed out with results of your voting. Hmmm, why not right, good idea, like a results sheet. Not gonna happen it would be to hard for Republicans to cheat. They cheated in 2000 they cheated now and they'll cheat forever if we let them. The problem is most of America is blind to this.
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Bev Harris head of has been doing research on these machines for well before the election. She went on MSNBC w/ Howard Dean and showed him how easy it was to fix the election results. She said anyone who knows how to use Microsoft Excel and has access to these codes could change the election results. Time too open your eyes people. Technology lets them cheat without any fingerprints.
I don't think they're opposed to cheating