Since I was born my father has always been an entertainer. He was the lead in a pro group for over 21 years. Ever since I can remember I was singing and dancing . . . not too much because I was an overweight child and couldn't move that much. But like when I was around 11 I began singing solos in school and going to parties and shaking my hips. When I came into middle school I got the lead part in Bye Bye Birdie and that's when I knew what I wanted to be. I began with just acting and trying to get comfortable with stage presence. As I turned 16 I was offered a spot in a group down in Philly, I took it and started singing with them. A couple of months later the group split up b/c of differences. I went solo from then until I met one of my best friends now and we began singing together. We decided that college was gonna split us up so I got hooked up with another group down in Philly. So for about a year I took the train, and the subway down the Philly to practice with 4 other guys. We then broke up around May of 2000. After that I decided to go solo for a while. I was making demos and talking to managers and Producers for a good while. Finally I talked to this connection that I had with this girl that I used to sing with (Tatiana Ward), who is now singing professionally. She hooked me up with her vocal coach Gail Tomas. And Since then Gail has shown me to numerous producers who have worked with Boyz II Men and Christina Aguilera. And just in September, I met up with JB, Ryan and Jay and we started singing. As soon as we sang, our voices matched perfectly, so we knew right there that we had to be a group! From there on . . . its just history. Hehe J