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Jeff Buckley's muse is a finicky but forceful thing. After half a month of merciless inspiration, it deserts him. Jeff asks for help. Help arrives. Weirdly.


8-9-07 - 2:31 pm
HOLY SHIT I'M ALIVE! ZOMG HIII! On a whim the other day I decided to google my own name and this site popped up. I kept googling, and saw threads on Coldplay messageboards EVERYWHERE saying "FINISH CWYS YOU BITCH!" I've even been in NME for it! Fucking NME!!! I just wanted to say I am so stunned reading all this praise for CWYS. Even the "ew slash is creepy" comments made me laugh. I started writing it when I was 14 (yeah, I'm serious), and I'm now nearly 20. And I've decided to finally try and finish the story for you guys, if any of you still even visit this site. I should go post it over at coldplaying :D

Anyway, keep checking back - I'm going to revamp my site, post some new writing, and finish that damn story.

Also, as you may know, the email address listed here doesn't work, so I never got most of your emails, and I'm sorry. My (working!) email address is now, so feel free to email me again with random babbling if you so desire.

- Sara


1-23-04 - 3:15 pm
As much as it pains me, I've decided that I'm not going to update this site anymore. I doubt I'm going to finish any of the fics on this site, least of all "Careful Where You Stand," sadly. I'm really sorry about that but the desire to write is just completely gone. I appreciate everyone who's emailed me in the past with words of praise. I love receiving fan mail and reply to every email I get, so don't let lack of updates discourage you from sending me a letter. It makes me blush uncontrollably with happiness.

I do have a livejournal which I update daily, as well as a secret journal for whatever little writing that I do. If you would like to read either of these, just e-mail me.

It's been really fun, kids. Keep the spirit of perviness alive!
<3 Sara


3-26-03 - 6:30 pm
So, yeah. I'm a lazy fucksock. This has been established. I think I'm going to try really hard to update this more often with just little stuff, but I never have time to write during school days. So that promise is probably bullshit.

In other news, I'm starting a bunch of new fanfics after a two-month-long writer's block that nearly killed me off. I'm putting up some old ones too and wondering what to do with all the unfinished ones I have.

Anyway... I thought I might add some more features to the site, like more stuff about me, just to give this place a more personal touch. Yeah.

PS: Freedom fries? Oh my god.

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1-25-03 - 10:44 am
Wow, it's been a really long time since i last updated, hasn't it? Sorry. I've gotten really lazy. Plus, school is killing me. But I thought you'd all like to know: I'm going to see Sigur Ros THREE TIMES in March! How's that for fucking awesome?

Anyway, I've decided I'm gonna update the site hardcore for the next few hours. I don't have that many fics to add, but I figured, with all the attention this site has been getting, I owe it to you guys. And I've got some brand new band fics, bands/artists I haven't written about before, like The Datsuns and Sondre Lerche. (Squeeeee <3 Sondre <3)

But first... BREAKFAST.

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11.25.02 - 1:15 am
Hey. School tomorrow, but then Thanksgiving break on Wednesday which means I'll have more time and energy to work on stuff.

Also, added an article here that I've been working on for the past few days about Sigur Ros. It's for my new fanzine that I started kind of as a joke but I am actually taking it quite seriously. It gives me something to do: writing about bands I love. So I feel like this article is written in a really professional, journalistic fashion. I am going to BEG and PLEAD you to sign my guestbook or email me and tell me what you think of this article - what's wrong with it? Does it give you a full idea of Sigur Ros's new album? Is it too wordy? Too long? Does it make you want to buy the album or just ignore it completely and go watch gay porn? Just tell me what you think, please. That would be awesome. Thanks!

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11.8.02 - 1.43 am
hi... i'm tired as shit. i tweaked a few things in the fanfiction section. i think i made it look better but i'm not entirely sure. check it out, tell me if anything's wrong. thanks. adios.

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11.4.02 - midnight
Just a small update, I added my first NC-17 Strokes fic Take it or Leave it, a Halloween Strokes fic from last year (!) called Thriller. And finally I added, out of sheer boredom and procrastination, a list of all my mp3's.

Next on the agenda: finish putting stuff in all the archives (poetry and other still have nothing in them, eek!) and then figure out a better organizational system for them. It's way, way too crowded on my Fanfiction page.


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10.27.02 - 11.37 pm
I have a dorky About Me section up. Urgh. It was originally supposed to have 101 useless facts but I gave up around 70 or something.

All of the stories listed in the Fanfiction section are now up. There is more to come... MUCH more.

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10.27.02 - 7.58 pm
I got all the chapters to Modern Life is Rubbish posted, as well as a new guestbook! I'm moving along pretty well, but I don't expect the site to be even halfway finished for a long, long time. I'm going to later weed out the stories that I don't ever plan to finish and put them in a category of their own, but for right now I'm just trying to get them up in general. It is tedious as shit... but better than my History homework.

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10.26.02 - 3.36 pm
Careful Where You Stand is finished! All its chapters are up! (It took me about two hours) That's all I'll be able to do today. Tomorrow, my agenda will be to add all the chapters to Modern Life is Rubbish and add a guestbook (or another efficient way for people to contact me besides email) to the site.

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10.25.02 - 11.40 pm
Wow, I just noticed something really creepy. I updated exactly a week ago, at this exact same time. That is fucked up.

Anyway, I'm adding the actual text to a whole bunch of new stories, and it's totally way easier than I thought, so this should go rather quick. The first story I'm adding in its entirety is Careful Where You Stand, a Coldplay slash fic, and also my longest-running fanfic ever. I'll finish up listing all my stories in the Fanfiction section before I add the meat of the other stories. I might or might not have time to do that over the weekend, depending on my level of motivation/exhaustion.

And now I am going to go finish.

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10.18.02 - 11.41 pm
Yet another one of my short-lived but much-celebrated (by me at least) mini sites. This one is devoted to my writing, which was proclaimed homeless just recently, as suddenly ousted all their band fanfiction and NC-17 fics. Okay, so I only had ONE NC-17 fic, but still... a piece of my soul has shattered.

Anyway, that was the reason I created this site: a place for all my writing, original or fanfiction, poetry or prose, shitty or completely brilliant (ha, ha). And a rant or two about how much i love indie bands and attractive skinny boys in ties.

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