Welcome to X-World, we are a U.K. Heroclix gaming club based in the London/Greater London area. We invite you to join, we welcome everyone, experienced players, those just starting out, and even those interseted in just seeing what all the fuss is about. If you are interested in joining click here.

What is Heroclix? Heroclix is a game by Wizkids which allows you to build a force of your favorite comic book characters using each characters unique strengths and weaknesses to create a team ready to fight anyone who dares to stand against them. Using strategy based around each characters powers and stats lead your team to victory. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN.

9th December 2002 - Due to Personal reasons I've had to pospone the DC Marquee to January next year. My apologies to all players who are waiting to get their hands on that Michael Jon Carter LE.

29th November 2002 - The DC Marquee date has been set for the 14th December 2002. For full detail of the event check out the events section.

03rd October 2002 - The Rise of the Sentinels tournament has been fully booked.

17th September 2002 - Have added details for the Rise of the Sentinels tournament in October, to the events section.

13th September 2002 - Have added checklists for both Infinity Challenge and Hypertime in the FAQ section.

28th August 2002 - Website established.