Great Moments in Foam Rubber History
by Dan Kotheimer

Here you will find a collection of great stories from the various Foam Rubber gigs…

New:  Last weekend, Foam Rubber guitarist Soter Nomikos advised (and partied with) Pope John Paul, II.
See  pictures from his visit!

On June 22, Foam Rubber hosted a benefit for Serena Harper Smith, a 4-year-old with brachial plexus injury.  We cannot thank you enough for coming out to the show.  We made a total of $2,035.00 that night!!

Year of the Ass show

Neil Diamond show

Refrigerator Gig by Catfish

Boobs For Zeppelin

Banana Split

Paulvis has entered the building

The Foam Rubber Challenge

Burritos for Everyone

Mr, Lennon!  Mr. Lennon!

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