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Foam Rubber live Videos and audio CDs for sale!

Low Budget Productions presents a new CD: 
Paul Frigo Sings the Classics

Order Foam Rubber's new CD!! It is entitled:  "1974-1976 The Lost Recordings", and it can be all yours for just 5 bucks!   All you have to do is e-mail us!

The infamous "Rubber Man" Foam Rubber T-shirts are gone!!
The new "Low Budget Productions" shirts are also gone!!

But you can make your own Foam Rubber T-shirts out of brown paper bags and duct tape!!  Here's how:

1) Cut a hole in the bottom of a large brown paper grocery bag.
2) Cut two holes in the sides of the bag.
3) Get naked.
4) Put your head through the bottom hole and your arms through the side holes
5) Wrap duct tape tightly around your torso.
6) With a black magic marker, write "Foam Rubber" on the front of the bag.  (Feel free to cut holes for your nipples to show through-- especially you women!)

And there you have it!  Did you know that duct tape also makes a great turban?  Simply wrap duct tape around your head!  (To remove, cut hair.)

AND for great Foam Rubber prizes signed by the band, come to a Foam Rubber Show!