elcome to my site! This is a good place to find all different kinds of information you may be looking for about Mikhail Lermontov - famous Russian poet. Although the name of the site is "Lermontov in Saint-Petersburg", it is not limited to Petersburg period of poet's life and creative work, on the contrary, I tried to cover as much biographycal material as possible. Anyway, the emphasis is on the periods of Lermontov's life connected with Petersburg - the second biggest city in Russia.

What's new: I had to archive my guestbook to free up some space for new entries. You can take a look at the archive here.
What's new: New version of genealogy available here.
Note: A few misprints were found on the places of interest page. Corrections will follow soon.

The site has been finally updated after a long break. I have corrected the genealogy and created new script that dynamically creates the tree for you. It's really raw now, but it does work. Those interested can email me some comments and questions.

Some more news: Lermontov.ru has been registered! The official resource for information about the poet was opened this summer under the patronage of "Lermontov's Legacy" association. The site is mostly under construction, but some pages are already available, including wide list of thematic links (unfortunately, only in Russian so far...).

If you came here to write your research paper for literature class (I know some of you did!), feel free to use any information, but I will be really glad if you let me know about it via e-mail. Actually, you can wirte pretty good research paper, but I want to warn you: my site focuses on the biography issues, but not poetry. Check out links for some poetry pages. Probably I will add some English translations soon, but I'm not sure about that.

Well, that's it. Thanks for visiting, and I hope the site was useful for you!

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