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      Kumiko Yamaguchi & Shin Sawada

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Welcome to the first Gokusen website created in the Philippines  (I think... for I haven't seen one before.) . I have watched this anime in Animax and got addicted to it. It is a story about a 23-year old teacher Kumiko Yamaguchi who was the heir of a Yakuza Group. She was the homeroom teacher of a class of delinquents in the Shirokin Gakuin, a school exclusively for boys. She was hiding her true identity from her students and co-teachers but one of her students, Shin Sawada, a very handsome (^^) and intelligent guy, suspected that she was no ordinary teacher.

Gokusen also became a live-action drama in Japan. Nakama Yukie (Sadako in Ring 0 The Birthday) played the role of Kumiko and Matsumoto Jun (a member of ARASHI)  played the role of Shin.

I have watched all episodes and the special of the drama, and I really think Shin is cool!!! Yankumi is so cute, too. For, updates, please scroll down and see  them.

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