"The Most Foolish Traveler in the World"

(taken from the book "The Greatest Fools of the World")



     Hi! This touching story is actually from a very cute anime series, "Fruits Basket", episode 11. I'll make this one really quick :) Tohru bought her friends chocolates for Valentine's Day. She used up all her salary from her part-time job and was not able to pay for her field trip. After realizing this, one of her friends (Kyo - the "baka neko" or stupid cat) said she was a "fool". Now, Momiji, upon hearing this, started telling about the book he read with his classmates entitled "The Greatest Fools of the World", among which is the story about the "Most Foolish Traveler in the World".


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     Okay, so here goes...




A foolish traveler was on a journey. He was so foolish that he was easily tricked by others...




"Please, money for my medicine..."





He was tricked by the villagers, and lost his clothes and shoes




"My Sister is sick..."




"I have no money to buy seeds for the field.."




But since the traveler was a fool, even when the villagers thanked him with lies saying "You saved me!" he believed them and kept saying "Be Happy, be Happy!"




In the end, the traveler became bare-naked and was so ashamed. So he went inside the forest...




But this time, he met the monsters living in the forest. The monsters wanted to eat the traveler's body, so they began to trick him with lies.




Of course, the traveler fell for it, so he gave away his legs and arms one by one...




In the end, the traveler only had his head left....Then he gave his eyes to the last monster...




As the monster ate the traveler's eyes, it said "Thank You. I'll give you a present in return" and left something behind...




But, it was just a piece of paper that he had "Fool" written on it..




Yet the traveler began to cry....

"Thank you! Thank you! I've never gotten a present before!"




"I'm happy! I'm happy! Thank you! Thank you!" he said..

And poured tears out of his already gone eyes..





And then the traveler died soon after....



Momiji goes on...




"The story ends here. My classmates all called the traveler a fool..





But I closed my eyes and thought about the traveler.



I thought of the traveler, fooled and only left with his head while saying Thank You




And I said to myself...




Ah! How lovely it is!




Losses or suffering...It's no use worrying about them

(note: the bishie is Shigure Souma, the kindest and warmest of the Souma family..ah well...)




The wanderer didn't worry about those. Even if it's something considered foolish by others...I didn't think it was foolish. Even if it's someone who is easily fooled by others...I didn't try to fool him...

(note: the girl is Tohru, the one who foolishly gave them chocolates for V-day..)




I...just really wanted to make others happy..




"How about Yuki? How about Kyo?"

(note: Kyo is the red-haired, beside him..Yuki)




Do you stll think it was foolish? With your eyes closed...what do you think....?







     :( It was 12:00 AM when I decided to copy the story. I watched it for the second time and oh boy, tears are still there...I wrote it on a notebook and created this simple page to share this wonderful story...I hope it touched you too..


     Remember this, if someone foolishly gives up something to make you happy, don't think he or she is stupid. Close your eyes and try to appreciate what she/he has done...


Additional notes:


     I used the software SnagIT to capture the images. The Fruits Basket copy I have support subtitles.

     If you wanna see the rest of the anime and the other wonderful stories and lessons, please buy it.. ^^