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Betty V. Yates, L.Ac.
Licensed Certified Acupuncturist
Certified in the People's Republic of China
National Board Certified (NCCA)
Curriculum Vitae
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Ms. Yates trained and worked with Dr. Mitchell Goldflies, M.D. S.C., Chicago, IL, for about 10 years treating Myofascial Pain using Trigger Point Therapy as taught by Dr. C. Gunn and was first developed and proven at the Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia and is employed at the University of Washington's Pain Center, Seattle, Washington. The success of this technique has led to a new model for chronic pain which was presented to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 1985. This method is used to treat patients with chronic pain that does not respond to traditional therapies.

Chronic musculoskeletal pain often defies treatment. Chronic pain that persists in the absence of ongoing injury or inflammation can be due to some functional disorder of the nervous system, sometimes called neuropathic pain. The source of neuropathy is commonly found at the root level, the spine, or radiculopathy. Pain usually persists unless the paraspinal muscles (along the spine) are treated.

Pain is usually caused by muscle shortening which is due to spasm or contractions which can also strain tendons and distress joints and eventually can lead to osteoarthritis.

To effectively treat this muscle shortening the use of "dry needling" or intramuscular stimulation (IMS) is used. Needling not only negates local pain by inducing inflammatory changes but can also influence distal components of the segmental nerve by reflex stimulation, and relax spasms in smooth muscles (blood vessels and viscera). The purpose is to relieve the paraspinal muscle shortening that compresses and irritates the nerve root and perpetuates pain. It is effective in chronic muscuoskeletal pain when muscle shortening resists conventional physical therapies. Ms. Yates has been using this technique for over 10 years working with Dr. Goldflies, Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Ms. Yates was certified in the People's Republic of China. She has been practicing since 1990. She has been a member or the ISAA, Illinois State Acupuncture Association, and the AAOM, American Association of Oriental Medicine since 1990 as well.

Ms. Yates currently belongs to the following organizations:
Optimum Health Inc.
NHP, National Health Providers
AHCA, American Heath Care Alliance
ACCN, American Complementary Care Network
   Savewell, Inc.
We accept VISA, Mastercard and INSURANCE from some patients.
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