baby wipes
briefs M/L (dark colors)
socks (black & white)
bug spray (lotions w/DEET)
hard candy and gum (nothing that melts)
canned foods w/flip tops
Cupa soup, Ramen Noodles etc. (anything they can add warm water to)
deoderant (no aerosol)
eye drops
Flip Flops
foot powder
dried fruit, trail mix, peanuts, fruit packs, granola bars, cereal bars, pop tarts
Fly Paper
Gatoraide & Koolaid w/sugar added (individual pouches)
games:  cards,  board games, word puzzles, and hand held
hand sanitizer
lip balm
notebook paper, envelopes, pencils & pens, stamps
plastic ziploc bags, all sizes
razors (disposable)
shaving cream (no aerosol)
sheets (twin size)
snacks ( anything non parishable)
soap ( liquid)
Sun Block
toothpaste & toothbrushes
tuna ( in pouches)
wash clothes
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If you have any digital camera's you'd like to donate please do.  These guys don't have any way of sharing photos with family back home.  Please email me & I will give you the info on where to drop them off.  These will go DIRECTLY to the unit in Iraq.