George Washington Maupin

Not much is known about George Washington Maupin, he was born some time around 1857 and when he died is not known yet. What I do know is that he was married to Florence Emma Saunders in 1882 and that he was suppose to have been 25 years old at that time, she was 21. Then Emma was remarried to a JW McDaniel in the year 1889. So what became of George and how could Emma remarry unless George died or they divorced, which was really uncommon back in those days. I am not going to give up on finding documentation on George and Emma Maupin. Some say that George was hung from a tree for stealing a horse, where this story came from I donít really know but I am going to find out. If any of you find out any information about George or Florence, please let me know and I will revise this book. George and Florence had two children together: Frank and Georgia.

So friends and family this is the beginning of our Maupin family. Click on to read about each and every one of us (as I get the information). Hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading about our family. This is the start of the Maupin Web, so weave through with me and I hope you enjoy!

Children of George and Emma Maupin:

Frank Maupin

Georgia Maupin

Florence Maupin McDaniel Page

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