Well, it wasn't exactly Bob Barker and Let's Make a Deal, but James and I did pay a visit to our GMC dealer and we did make a deal. James and I share joint ownership in my new SUV. He gets the spare-tire, the wax job, and the music coming out of the radio speaker. The rest is mine, all mine!

This is my new car, which I call "Champy." No, it is not named for the legendary creature of the same name in Lake Champlain, located where the borders of Vermont, New York and Quebec converge. I chose the name because of it's champagne color. Also, this baby is quite a champ when you need the ability of a four-wheel drive to make it through the mud and snow. We may not have much snow in my part of Texas, but we are never short on mud!

I had to send pix of my new car to Welopez, 'cuz he figgers all folks in Texas are like Boss Hogg on The Dukes of Hazard. Ya-see, Welopez? Thar ain't no steer horns on the hood. Thar ain't no Holstein covered upholstery. And not all us Texans use nickel plated .44 pistols for door handles. I see'd cars tricked out like that in them movin' pitchers, but I just ain't had time to customize mine yet. LOL!

Well, 'scuse me folks for showin' my backside, but I got to put Champy into the barn. The sky is gettin' a might cloudy and it may be fixin' to rain. I don't want James' wax job to get all covered with water spots or sumpin'.

If ya'all will 'scuse me now, it's my turn for guard duty. James' will take over in three more hours. Got to make sure no one insults Champy during the night by puttin' California license tags on her or sumpin'.

Ya'll take care now and hurry back soon!

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