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       This is the continuation of my Michiru + Haruka personal fanart gallery.
My other page had grown too full. ^^; You may
look back to see my past drawings of the cute couple. Michiru and Haruka [sadly] belong to the genius Naoko Takeuchi ;-; and not me, just so you know and stuff..all the artwork here is original, usually either mirroring my own moods, being an inside joke with my fellow roleplayers, or just cute and romantic stuff..^-~ This contains grrlxgrrl/yuri content, in other words, no, they AREN'T cousins. >/ *giggle* So be prepared..
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michiru leaning back in a dress..
*-*.. of mermaids and angels
[mature content]
recent artwork..good for slower connections ^^ I'll be putting my newest stuff there from now on..
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