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Communication with school staff, parents and children are keys to a safe school bus environment. Parents can not help without information informing how to help.

To help support this effort an increasing library of free photos by photographer James Kraemer are now available for making your own school bus safety brochures, parent letters and community school bus safety adds.

Kraemer found it difficult to find free photos to use with his bus safety adds, articles and training presentations. He decided to produce his own work and make that work available free to others for most uses. Where an identifiable person is shown in a photo a model's release is on file at 2safeschools and is extended to users of our photos.

Although Kraemer retains All Rights to his images - the right to use without fee or royalty is extended as nonexclusive rights to schools, transportation providers, school bus drivers, state PTS, fire, law enforcement and govenment related industries, industry magazines and the press. However, photos may not be commercially resold on CD or other media for profit without first obtaining permission from 2safeschools or the photo's owner. (One or two photos usually can be used as an example of Kraemer's work and where a commercial website provides a link to 2safeschools.)

Acceptable use generally includes, school bus safety websites, a presenter's own slide show for training or education purposes, a photo used in a school bus safety story or training manual that credits the photo source - (Photo courtesy James Kraemer photographer or, city, state and federal agency school bus safety related brochures and manuals, school bus driver transportation manuals and school newsletters, transportation in-district made memos not sold for profit, in house made posters, training materials, letters to parents, press releases and the like. Book authors and others are usually extended permission as well as local and the nation's press, such as newspapers, magazines and television stations.

The lower density of these photos makes them ideal for websites. They are usually adequate for small graphics display in school bus safety newsletters, brochures and school bus safety training materials. They are multible-density convertable and print well when not exceeding the original image size. They display well as B&W graphics, usually without first converting to a B&W image.

The 2safeschools complete graphics library, bus safety slide presentations, video reviews and more are available on CD for a small fee. Click Here for details.

Higher density images are also available from 2safeschools photo library services, Atn: Graphics Library Manager.

The terms are simple: 2safeschools retains All Rights and all copyright authority of our photos, graphics and published works, extended to others as nonexclusive rights to use in their works. Our work, including photos, must not be sold on CD or other media, except by arrangement and written permission from 2safeschools. library photo 2002 Share your talent. Send your photo or flyer template Add for the free use of others. Contact the 2safeschools Graphics Library Manager for additional information and address to send your work.
Websites: Graphics and works owned by 2safeschools can be downloaded and offered direct from your safety website or personal page provided they are offered free of charge. Please let us know the use and provide a link where applicable so we can view the use of our graphics.

Fire, law enforcement school bus safety training and informational brochures may use our photos. Instructors may use our images in your own training slide presentations.

Industry publications and websites requiring membership or subscriptions may also use our works free of charge and provided the works are offered free of charge.

The mainstream press, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and other independent networks, and also national and local newspapers, may modify and use our works in their school bus safety stories and safety campaigns. Please give credit for the graphics where appropriate.

All photos where the 2safeschools ownership logo is not clearly visible must include a courtesy caption: "Photo Courtesy All Rights Reserved," "Courtesy Photo Library," or similar.

Permission to use our works without charge usually extends to book authors when the permission form is filled out and approved. (Photo Release)

Please let us know the intendend use of our images and provide a link where applicable so we can view the use of our graphics.

It's Easy: Simply let us know the intended use and provide a link to your website where applicable.

Other organizations please contact the Graphics Library Manager for information on use in your publications.

Not sure or want a spacific release? Fill out the NonCommercial Photo Release or contact us at 2safeschools, Atn: Graphics Library Manager.

Click Here For 2safeschools Yellow Tin Can Graphics Library - Includes free templates to help keep school staff, children and parents informed about how to help keep kids safe on the buses and at bus stops. (Photo Release Form)

Click Here for recent public service school bus safety adds - free to use at your website, in brochures, training materials, school newspapers and the local press. (Photo Release Form)


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All 2safeschools presentations, training evaluations, manuals, other offerings are offered only as guidelines for development of school bus driver, school staff, parent and children training programs. All individuals and sources involved in the development of these guides accept no liability for its content. Where there is any question about implementing these materials, first check with your state's PTS or school board for approval.

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