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Medical Marijuana demo, May 2000  


The big event of 2000 for us here in the center of capitalism was a16 (April 16th), the Mobilization for Global Justice against the IMF and World Bank. What had been a small gathering of about 100 protesters at the 98 and 99 meetings exploded into a huge demonstration of 50,000 people, both at the Ellipse and at the actual meeting site (though we were forced back by police barricades from actually shutting down the meetings unlike the protesters in Seattle in November 1999.) It was my first (hopefully not the last) time participating in a direct action. 2000 has brought us some hope for the US left. I will have pictures from the event up when I can scan them in - we had to use a disposable camera in case of police damage. Next up: protesting at the Republican convention in Philly on July 31st.

The items below represent some of my thoughts and photographic efforts as well as those of Joel, my partner. I hope that you enjoy them.

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