President Ali Abdullah Salih

.Born in 1942 in Beit Al-Ahmar village (Senhan Disrict) of Sana'a province.

.Spent preliminary studies in the reciting center and developed his general knowledge while enrolling with the army cadre.

.Joined the school of the non-commissioned line of Military commanding officers in 1960.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh

.He was among the non-commissioned army officers who participated in the revolution of 26th September 1962. At that phase, he was ranked a sergeant.

.During the initial months of the revolution and in appreciation to his efforts and what he showed of bravery and valence in defending the revolution and Republic in the various regions, he was promoted to the rank of adjutant military officer.

.Participated in the battles of defending the revolution and Republic in many of the Republic's regions.

.In 1963 was promoted to the rank of second lieutenant.

.In the eastern region of Sana'a province, he was injured in 1963 while taking part in one of the defense battles.

.In 1964, joined the school of armored troops, and finished a special course in armored battling.

.Upon graduation, he came again to participate in more than one region of the Republic defending the revolution and Republic existence He was subjected to splinters of gun fire, and was injured more than once. He showed in these battles rare bravery, skill of command and consciousness and awareness of the national issues.

.Was once of the heroes of Al-Sabeen war (1970) when Sana'a came under besiege.

.Was engaged in many military ranks such as:

    1. Commanding officer of an armored troop.

    2. Commanding officer of an armored detachment.

    3. Military general staff of an armored battalion.

    4. Director of armored troops' provision division.

    5. Commanding officer of an armored battalion and officer-in-charge of Bab Al-Mandab defending sector.

    6. Commanding officer of Taiz military battalion and Camp Regiment Officer of Khaled Bin Al-Waleed (1975-1978).

.Represented singly and jointly, the country within many official-negotiating discussions dealt with several brotherly and friendly countries.

.Held the post of a member of the Provisional Presidential Council and Vice General commander and Chief Staff of the Armored Forces at the time of ex-president Al-Ghashmi's murder on Jun. 24th, 1978.

.Elected by the Founding Peoples Assembly on Jul. 17th, 1978 President of the .Republic and General Commander of the Armed Forces.

.On Sep. 17th, 1979 he was promoted a "colonel" according to the consent of an overwhelming majority of all leaderships and divisions of the Armed Forces, as courtesy, honesty and devotion to the efforts he showed in constructing and developing the Armed Forces and security on the basis of modern fundamentals.

.Elected general secretary of GPC on Aug. 30th, 1982.

.Re-elected President of the Republic on May 23rd, 1983, as well as general commander of the Armed Forces.

.In 1989 was bestowed the Honorary Master Degree in Military Science by the College of Leadership and Military General Staff.

.On May 21st, 1990 Al-Shoura Council voted unanimously of bestowing him the rank of Lieutenant General as courtesy and devotion of what he had shown sincerely in unification of the homeland and creation of the Yemen Republic.

.On May 22nd, 1990 he raised the new flag of the Republic of Yemen in Aden, declared re-unity of Yemeni unity and ending forever the fragmentation. On the same day, was chosen President of the Republic's Presidential Council.

.The newly elected Parliament chosen Ali Abdullah Saleh President of Presidential Council on Oct. 16th, 1993.

Embarked upon the conspiracy of the successioners in summer 1994 and led war against them for three months till victory was achieved on Jul. 7th, 1994.

Elected by the Parliament on Oct. 1st, 1994 President of the Republic upon concision of the procedures on the constitutional amendments, which were then endorsed on Sep. 28th, 1994.

.On Dec.24th, 1997 Parliament approved rewarding him the rank of Field Marshal as an appreciation for his historic and national role in building the new Yemeni territory.

.Exerted all his efforts in achieving an overall development of Yemen such as reconstructing the Great Mareb Dam, extraction of petrol and natural gas, initiating Aden Free Zone and other great achievements.

.Considered the founder of the new Yemen's state based on democratic principles, political pluralism, freedom of the press, respect of human rights and principle of peaceful transfer of authority.

.Married and have seven sons, the eldest named Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Source: An Extract from the 1st Edition 1998

Volume entitled"20 Years of Giving"

Compiled by: The Office of the President Council.

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